Thief : Specializations

Deadly Arts top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Serpent's Touch   Stealing inflicts poison. While in the downed state, your attacks apply poison.
Dagger Training   Gain bonus power, which is increased when wielding a dagger.
Mug   Deal damage and gain life when stealing. This attack cannot critically hit enemies.
Deadly Ambition   Inflict poison when striking a foe with a dual wield attack. Gain increased condition damage. Applies poison once per attack use.
Tier: Master
Lotus Poison 10 Weaken targets when you poison them.
Even the Odds   Apply vulnerability when you steal. Gain might when you hit with a stealth attack.
Panic Strike 30 Immobilizing a foe poisons them. Striking a foe below the health threshold immobilizes them.
Revealed Training   Gain power, then gain extra power while you are revealed.
Tier: Grandmaster
Exposed Weakness   Deal increased strike damage to your target for each unique condition on them.
Potent Poison   Poison you inflict has increased damage and duration. Other Deadly Arts traits apply additional stacks of poison.
Improvisation 15 Use stolen skills twice. Reduce the cooldown of all equipped utility skills when you steal.
Cooldown effect will only trigger if all utility slots are filled and if at least one of your active utility skills is on cooldown. Does not affect inactive sequence skills.
Executioner   Deal increased strike damage when your target is below the health threshold.

Critical Strikes top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Keen Observer   Critical-hit chance is increased, and it is further increased while your health is above the threshold.
Assassin's Fury 2 Gain might when you gain fury.
Signets of Power   Signets grant initiative.
Twin Fangs   Deal increased critical damage, which is further increased while your health is above the threshold. Gain bonus critical-hit chance when hitting a foe from behind or the side or when they are defiant.
Tier: Master
Unrelenting Strikes 8 Grant fury to yourself and nearby allies when you critically strike an enemy.
Sundering Shade 1 Stealth Attack skills inflict vulnerability and grant fury upon successfully hitting foes.
Practiced Tolerance   Gain ferocity based on your precision.
Deadly Aim 8 Your pistol and harpoon gun attacks now pierce and have increased strike damage.
Tier: Grandmaster
Ferocious Strikes   Gain increased critical damage against foes whose health is above the threshold.
No Quarter 2 Landing a critical hit while under the effects of fury increases the duration of fury. Gain increased ferocity while under the effects of fury.
Hidden Killer   Gain bonus critical-hit chance while stealthed. This bonus lingers for a short duration after you've been revealed.
Invigorating Precision   You are healed for a percentage of outgoing critical-hit damage. This healing is increased while you are under the effects of fury.

Shadow Arts top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Merciful Ambush 10 Heal when you enter or exit stealth. Stealth yourself and your target when reviving an ally. This effect also applies to stealth you grant to allies.
Shielding Restoration   Grant barrier to nearby allies when you use a healing skill.
Shadow's Embrace   Remove conditions when you enter or exit stealth. This effect also applies to stealth you grant to allies.
Hidden Thief 2 Stealing inflicts blindness. Stealth Attacks inflict weakness. Cannot affect the same target more than once per interval.
Tier: Master
Meld with Shadows   Gain superspeed when you enter or exit stealth.
Shadow Savior   After completing a shadowstep, you are healed. Nearby allies are also healed for a larger amount. Only affects thief shadowsteps.
Leeching Venoms   Venom utility skills siphon life from struck foes. Gain stacks of Spider Venom when you enter or exit stealth.
Siphoning can only occur once per strike.
Cloaked in Shadow   Gaining stealth blinds nearby foes. Blinding a foe siphons health from them.
Tier: Grandmaster
Shadow Siphoning 1 Stealth attacks siphon health if they hit. Cannot siphon the same target more than once per interval.
Cover of Shadow   Gain protection when you enter or exit stealth. This effect also applies to stealth you grant to allies.
Shadow's Rejuvenation   Gain initiative when you enter or exit stealth.
Rending Shade   Steal boons from enemies you strike with stealth attacks. Striking a boonless foe with a stealth attack inflicts fear on nearby foes.

Acrobatics top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Expeditious Dodger   Gain swiftness upon dodging.
Instant Reflexes 30 Gain evasion when you use an elite skill.
Pumping Up   Gain might when you dodge.
Pain Response   Dodging removes a damaging condition from you.
Tier: Master
Feline Grace 1 Gain vigor upon successfully evading an attack.
Guarded Initiation 5 Movement skills grant resistance.
Swindler's Equilibrium 1 Gain power and additional power while wielding a sword or underwater spear. Successfully evading an attack while wielding a sword or underwater spear recharges Steal.
Hard to Catch   Gain endurance when you shadowstep.
Tier: Grandmaster
Fluid Strikes   Gain increased strike damage for a period of time when you shadowstep or use a movement skill.
Assassin's Reward   Heal yourself whenever you use a skill that uses initiative. Heal yourself for each point of initiative spent.
Upper Hand   Gain initiative when you dodge, and gain initiative and regeneration when you evade an attack. Evading can only trigger this trait once per interval.
Don't Stop   While you have swiftness, movement-impairing conditions have reduced duration. When you gain swiftness, lose a movement-impairing condition.

Trickery top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Kleptomaniac   Stealing gives you initiative.
Uncatchable   Leave behind lesser caltrops when you dodge.
Burst of Agility 60 Use Lesser Haste when attacking a foe from behind or from the side or when they are defiant.
Thrill of the Crime   When you Steal, you and all nearby allies gain fury, might, and swiftness for 10 seconds.
Tier: Master
Preparedness   Increases maximum initiative by 3. Gain increased expertise.
Bountiful Theft   Stealing grants you and all nearby allies vigor. You rip boons from your target and grant them to nearby allies. Grant additional boons to allies if your target has no boons.
Trickster   Tricks remove conditions.
Pressure Striking   Enemies you interrupt are inflicted with torment. This trait can only affect enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Tier: Grandmaster
Lead Attacks   Increases all damage dealt per initiative spent. Steal gains reduced recharge time.
Quick Pockets 8 Gain initiative on swapping weapons while in combat.
Sleight of Hand   Stealing also dazes the target. Reduces the recharge of Steal.
Deadly Ambush   Stealing also applies bleeding. Bleeding you inflict deals more damage.

Daredevil Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Physical Supremacy   Gain access to physical skills. Your maximum endurance threshold is increased.
Marauder's Resilience   Gain vitality based on a portion of your power. Damage is decreased from foes within the range threshold.
Escapist's Fortitude 1 Gain health when you successfully evade an attack. Remove a condition whenever you evade an attack.
Brawler's Tenacity   Physical skills grant endurance when activated.
Tier: Master
Weakening Strikes   Your next attack after dodging causes weakness to foes struck. Weakened enemies deal less damage to you, and you deal increased strike damage to them.
Staff Master   While wielding a staff, gain endurance for each initiative point spent. Gain bonus power, which is increased when wielding a staff.
Havoc Specialist   Strike damage dealt is increased when your endurance is not full.
Impacting Disruption   Enemies that you interrupt suffer a pulmonary impact. This trait can only affect enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Tier: Grandmaster
Endurance Thief   Gain endurance when you successfully steal from an enemy.
Lotus Training   Your dodge ability now uses Impaling Lotus, firing daggers at nearby enemies. Gain increased condition damage for a period of time when dodging.
Unhindered Combatant   Your dodge ability is replaced by a long-range dash that removes inhibiting conditions and grants swiftness and damage reduction. Removing conditions in this way temporarily reduces endurance gain.
Bounding Dodger   Your dodge ability is replaced by Bound, dealing damage to the area after you evade. Gain increased strike damage for a period of time after you dodge.

Deadeye Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Deadeye's Gaze   Steal is replaced with Deadeye's Mark, which unlocks new Stolen skills and malice generation. Stealth attacks consume malice for bonus effects. Gain access to rifles and cantrips.
Malicious Intent   Marking a target or striking your mark with a stealth attack will immediately grant malice.
Collateral Damage 1 Trigger Burst of Shadows at your target's location if it dies while marked.
One in the Chamber   When you cast a cantrip, gain a random new stolen skill. Stolen skills deal more damage.
(Requires a marked target. Overwrites existing stolen skills.)
Tier: Master
Renewing Gaze   Deadeye's Mark recharges if your mark is defeated. Gain regeneration when this recharge occurs.
Silent Scope   Gain precision. Gain additional precision while wielding a rifle. Enter stealth when you dodge roll with a rifle equipped.
Payback   When Renewing Gaze triggers, this trait restores a portion of the recharge time needed by your healing, utility, and elite skills. Excludes racial skills.
Premeditation   Deal increased strike damage for each unique boon you have; concentration is increased.
Tier: Grandmaster
Iron Sight   Strike damage dealt to your marked target is increased, and strike damage taken from your marked target is reduced.
Maleficent Seven   Increase the maximum malice-stack count. Restore initiative and gain boons upon reaching the maximum number of malice stacks.
Be Quick or Be Killed   Gain quickness when marking a foe. Your power and precision are increased while under this effect.
Fire for Effect ½ Using a stolen skill grants additional boons to allies around you. Stolen skills will always be Steal Time, regardless of the target's profession.

Specter Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Specter   Unlock scepter. Steal becomes Siphon and your initiative is reduced. Gain access to shadow force through spending initiative, and gain access to the Shadow Shroud ability.
Second Opinion   A portion of condition damage is converted to healing power. Gain condition damage, which is increased when wielding a scepter.
Shallow Grave   Transfer conditions to an enemy when targeting them with Siphon. Remove conditions from you and your ally when targeting them with Siphon.
Consume Shadows   Gain stacks of Consume Shadows at regular intervals while in Shadow Shroud. Exiting Shadow Shroud consumes your remaining shadow force and heals allies based on the number of stacks you have gained. Allies that are fully healed receive the rest of the value in barrier.
Tier: Master
Dark Sentry 1 Apply Rot Wallow Venom to allies that you grant barrier to. Outgoing healing to allies is increased. Rot Wallow Venom effect cannot apply to yourself.
Larcenous Torment   Steal health and gain shadow force when you torment a foe.
Does not grant shadow force while in shroud.
Amplified Siphoning   Gain increased shadow force when hitting a foe with Siphon. Grant increased barrier when targeting an ally.
Traversing Dusk   Heal allies in the area around you when you shadowstep. Gain shadow force for each ally in the radius. Wells grant resistance on their initial impact.
Tier: Grandmaster
Panaku's Ambition   Gain barrier when you strike foes with a stealth attack. When you apply stealth to allies, you also grant them barrier.
This effect can only be received once and will reset when stealth is removed.
Strength of Shadows   Gain expertise based on a percentage of your vitality. Torment you inflict deals increased damage.
Hungering Darkness   While in shroud, transfer conditions from your tethered ally and cleanse conditions from yourself. Each condition removed in this fashion heals a percentage of your base health and grants your tethered ally barrier.
Shadestep   The beneficial effects of your Shadow Shroud skills now affect allies in an area around your tethered ally. Grant additional boons to yourself and affected allies when you use a shadow shroud skill.
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