Guild Wars 2 Skills

Mar 8, 2017

Site has been updated to 2017/03/07 in-game balanceProject News

Current version of in-game skill balance has been uploaded into our site database.

Dec 4, 2016

Balance updateProject News

After a period of inactivity our site back to the current version of in-game skill balance.

Nov 6, 2015

Version 4.3 of Build EditorProject News

Version 4.3 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Attributes Expertise and Concentration have been added to character's attributes section
  • Descriptions of attributes Condition Duration and Boon Duration are expanded with list of all conditions and boons that have got increasing of their duration from traits, upgrades and buffs
  • Attributes Agony Resistance and Magic Find are only visible at tabs Specialization and Armor now
  • Added new 4-stats combinations for weapons and armor of Ascended and Exotic rarity, trinkets of Exotic rarity, upgrades of Exotic and Rare rarity - Commander, Crusader, Marauder, Minstrel, Trailblazer, Vigilant, Viper and Wanderer

We also added new runes, sigils and PvP-amulets from Heart of Thorns expansion. Revision of German and French texts for all Heart of Thorns skills and traits will be made during next week.

Oct 1, 2015

Version 4.2 of Build EditorProject News

Version 4.2 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Added new elite specializations – Scrapper and Druid
  • Added elite profession icons for elite specializations
  • Added new pets for Ranger - Electric Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, Bristleback and Tiger (with placeholder for F2 skill for the last one)

All data about damage and healing coefficients for new specializations will be updated after BWE-3.


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