Ranger : Specializations

Marksmanship top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Opening Strike   You and your pet inflict vulnerability with your first strike when entering combat.
Stoneform   Use Lesser Signet of Stone when you use an elite skill.
Hunter's Gaze 1 Gain might when you strike a foe based on their health percent.
Clarion Bond 15 Cast Lesser Call of the Wild when you swap pets.
Tier: Master
Alpha Focus   Your opening strikes inflict cripple on your foes.
Brutish Seals   Activating a Signet grants might and fury to nearby allies.
Farsighted   Ranger weapon skills deal increased strike damage. Damage is further increased for foes above the range threshold.
Moment of Clarity   Gain an attack of opportunity for you and your pet on interrupting a foe. Daze and stun durations that you inflict last longer. This trait can only grant an attack of opportunity against enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Tier: Grandmaster
Precise Strike   Opening Strike has an increased chance to critically strike.
Predator's Onslaught   You and your pet deal increased strike damage to disabled, defiant, or movement-impaired foes. Affected conditions are stun, taunt, daze, cripple, fear, immobilize, and chilled.
Remorseless   Regain opening strike whenever you gain fury. Opening strike deals more damage.
Lead the Wind 15 Your longbow and harpoon-gun skills pierce and recharge faster. Striking foes beyond the range threshold grants boons.

Skirmishing top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Tail Wind 9 Gain swiftness when swapping weapons in combat.
Sharpened Edges   You and your pet have a chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
Primal Reflexes 8 When you successfully evade an attack, gain vigor.
Trapper's Expertise   Increase the duration of boons and conditions applied by traps. Offensive traps inflict cripple.
Tier: Master
Furious Grip 9 Gain fury when swapping weapons in combat.
Spotter 10 While you are in combat, grant fury to yourself and nearby allies each interval.
Strider's Strength 1 You and your pet gain power. Gain additional power while wielding a sword. Successfully evading an attack grants might.
Hidden Barbs   Bleeding you inflict is more dangerous.
Tier: Grandmaster
Hunter's Tactics   You deal more damage and have an increased chance to critically strike while attacking from behind or the side or when striking a defiant foe.
Quick Draw 9 When swapping weapons, the next ranger weapon skill you use will recharge faster.
Light on your Feet   Damage and condition duration are increased after dodging or using Quick Shot. Short bow skills pierce and gain recharge reduction, and their attacks from behind or while flanking or against defiant foes are improved.
Vicious Quarry 2 Fury grants ferocity and additional increased critical strike chance. When struck while below the health threshold, gain fury.

Wilderness Survival top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Natural Vigor   You recover endurance more quickly.
Child of Earth 25 Create muddy terrain when you use a healing skill.
Oakheart Salve 10 Gain regeneration when you are inflicted with bleeding, poison, or burning. While you have regeneration, you take reduced strike damage.
Taste for Danger   Gain increased vitality. You and your pet gain expertise based on vitality.
Tier: Master
Companion's Defense   You and your pet gain protection when you dodge roll.
Ambidexterity   Gain condition damage. Gain additional condition damage while wielding a torch, dagger, or mace. Torch and dagger skills recharge faster.
Survival Instincts   Gain increased outgoing strike damage and reduced incoming strike damage. When above the health threshold, outgoing strike damage is further increased. When below the health threshold, incoming strike damage is further reduced.
Empathic Bond   Remove conditions when you swap pets.
Tier: Grandmaster
Rugged Growth   You and your pet recover health while affected by protection.
Carnivore ¼ Steal health from enemies when you or your pet disable them. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Wilderness Knowledge   Survival skills grant fury and remove conditions.
Poison Master   Upon using a Beast ability, your pet's next attack will inflict poison; your poison damage is increased.

Nature Magic top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Rejuvenation 20 Beast skills grant regeneration around the ranger.
Bountiful Hunter   You deal increased strike damage for each boon affecting you. Your pet deals increased strike damage for each boon affecting it.
Wellspring   Grant regeneration to nearby allies when you use a healing skill. You and your pet gain healing power based on power.
Allies' Aid 85 Cast "Search and Rescue!" when you begin reviving an ally.
Tier: Master
Fortifying Bond   When you gain a boon, it is shared with your pet.
Evasive Purity   Dodging removes a condition from you. Heal yourself if you remove a condition this way.
Spirited Arrival   Grant boons to nearby allies when swapping pets.
Windborne Notes   Grant nearby allies regeneration when you use a warhorn skill. Heal allies when you grant them regeneration.
Tier: Grandmaster
Lingering Magic   You and your pet gain increased concentration. Regeneration you apply is more effective.
Nature's Vengeance   Spirits slam again when they finish shaking.
Protective Ward 15 Cast Lesser "Guard!" when you swap pets.
Invigorating Bond 20 Beast skills heal allies around the ranger.

Beastmastery top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Pack Alpha   Your pet's attributes are improved and pet skills gain recharge reduction. Improved attributes are power, condition damage, precision, toughness, and vitality.
Go for the Eyes 12 Nearby foes are blinded by Beast abilities.
Potent Ally 1 You and your pet each grant might to the other when critically striking a foe.
Resounding Timbre   Commands apply additional boons around you.
Tier: Master
Loud Whistle   While your health is above the threshold, your pet deals increased strike damage. Your pet swap gains recharge reduction.
Wilting Strike   Beast abilities inflict weakness on those struck. This effect will only occur once on each target struck by an ability.
Two-Handed Training   Greatsword and spear skills deal more damage and recharge faster. Gain fury when you disable a foe.
Natural Healing   Your pet recovers health each interval.
Tier: Grandmaster
Pet's Prowess   Your pet moves faster and deals more damage on critical hits.
Beastly Warden 20 Beast abilities taunt nearby foes.
Zephyr's Speed 15 Cast Lesser Quickening Zephyr when you swap pets.
Honed Axes   You and your pet gain ferocity. Axe skills gain reduced recharge, and you gain additional ferocity while wielding an axe.

Druid Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Celestial Being   Gain access to Glyphs. Become a celestial avatar once you gain enough astral force. Generate astral force by healing allies and damaging foes.
Druidic Clarity   Becoming a celestial avatar removes conditions from you and nearby allies.
Cultivated Synergy   Using your heal skill, heals allies around you and your pet.
Blood Moon 8 Daze enemies when you become a celestial avatar. Inflict bleeding on enemies you immobilize or disable.
Tier: Master
Live Vicariously 1 When you heal an ally, you are also healed.
Celestial Shadow   Grant superspeed and stealth to nearby allies when leaving celestial avatar form.
Verdant Etching   Glyphs grant protection to nearby allies.
Natural Balance   Upon entering and leaving celestial avatar form, deal increased damage and increase boon duration for a brief period.
Tier: Grandmaster
Natural Mender   Increase healing to other allies. Gain astral force each interval while not in celestial avatar form.
Grace of the Land   Grant boons to allies within the radius of your Celestial Avatar skills.
Lingering Light   While in Celestial Avatar form, your healing of others is significantly increased. Healing another player with a Celestial Avatar skill reduces the cooldown of Celestial Avatar.
Cooldown can only be reduced once per outgoing heal and will occur even if the affected player is at full health.
Eclipse   Your Celestial Avatar skills are offensively augmented.

Soulbeast Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Elevated Bond   Gain access to Stances. Survival in the desert has enhanced your connection to your pet, granting you the ability to meld with them by entering beastmode.
Traits that affect your pet may affect you differently while in beastmode.
Fresh Reinforcement   Entering beastmode grants you the boons affecting your pet.
Live Fast   Using a Beast ability grants you offensive boons.
Unstoppable Union Entering beastmode grants boons and removes movement-impairing conditions,
Tier: Master
Furious Strength   You deal increased strike damage while you have fury.
Second Skin   Conditions inflict less damage to you while you have protection.
Essence of Speed 5 Gaining quickness increases the duration of other boons affecting you.
Predator's Cunning   When you apply poison to a foe, steal some health from them.
Tier: Grandmaster
Twice as Vicious   Disabling a foe increases your damage and condition damage for a short duration.
Eternal Bond   Heal when you use a merged skill. You can swap pets while merged.
Leader of the Pack   Stance skills gain increased duration on you and grant their effects to nearby allies for a reduced duration.
Oppressive Superiority   Deal increased strike damage to foes at a lower health percentage than you. Conditions you apply to foes at a lower health percentage than you last longer.

Untamed Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Unleashed Power 15 Gain access to Cantrips and Unleash. While your pet is unleashed, its skills are replaced with larger area-of-effect skills. Once per interval, Unleashed Ambush skills become available for a short period of time after you unleash.
Debilitating Blows 1 Disabling a foe applies conditions to that foe based on your current state. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knock down, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Nature's Shield   Cantrips grant barrier to you and your pet.
Blinding Outburst   Venomous Outburst deals more damage and applies blindness in addition to its other effects. Unleashed Ambush skills deal more damage.
Tier: Master
Natural Fortitude   Gain vitality. Unleashed Ambush skills siphon health if they hit. Siphon healing is reduced for each target struck beyond the first. Cannot siphon the same target more than once per skill.
Enhancing Impact 1 Disabling a foe grants you boons based on your current state. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knock down, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Cleansing Unleash 10 Remove conditions when you or your pet unleash.
Corrupting Vines   Rending Vines converts boons into conditions instead of removing them. Unleashed Ambush skills remove boons from enemies. Cannot affect enemies more than once per skill.
Tier: Grandmaster
Vow of the Untamed   Your outgoing strike damage is increased while you are unleashed. You take reduced damage from strikes while your pet is unleashed.
Let Loose 9 Unleashed Ambush skills grant boons to nearby allies. Refresh Unleashed Power when you swap weapons.
Restorative Strikes   When you or your pet unleash, gain protection and convert a percentage of strike damage into healing for a short duration.
Ferocious Symbiosis ½ You and your pet grant each other increased damage and movement speed when striking enemies. When this triggers, it refreshes the duration of all stacks.
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