Guardian : Virtues


Guardian has three unique abilities - Virtues of Justice, Courage and Resolve. Those Virtues give Guradian different bonuses while in passive mode. Guardian can activate any of the virtues giving even stronger bonus to his allies, but denying a passive effect for himself until the virtue recharges.

  Skill Description
Virtue of Justice   20 Virtue: Burn foes every few attack.
Activate: You and your allies inflict burning on the next attack.
Virtue of Resolve   30 Virtue: Regenerates health.
Activate: Heal yourself and nearby allies.
Virtue of Courage   45 Virtue: Gain aegis periodically.
Activate: Grant aegis to yourself and nearby allies.

Dragonhunter top

Dragonhunter is an elite specialization for the Guardian. The Dragonhunter's resolve has further increased, allowing Virtues to be manifested as physical aspects.

  Skill Description
Spear of Justice ¾ 20 Virtue: Burn foes every few attacks.
Activate: Hurl a spear of light that passes through foes. Enemies struck become tethered and receive conditions periodically.
  Hunter's Verdict ½ 40 Pull all enemies tethered by the Spear of Justice to you, breaking the link. This ability's recharge is separate from that of Spear of Justice.
Wings of Resolve 1 25 Virtue: Regenerates health.
Activate: Leap to a target area, healing allies in the area.
Shield of Courage   45 Virtue: Grants aegis periodically.
Activate: Grant aegis to nearby allies and create a shield in front of you that blocks attacks. You are vulnerable from the sides and behind while this shield is active.

Firebrand top

Tomes replace Virtues as the Firebrand's profession mechanic. Their passive effects are identical to virtues, but using a tome replaces your weapon skills and gives you a certain amount of skill uses ("pages") before the tome disappears.

  Skill Description
Tome of Justice     Virtue: Burn foes every few attacks.
Activate: Pull forth a magical tome on the dangers of the blazing heat in Kourna.
  Chapter 1: Searing Spell ½   Tome. Fueled by tales of the desolation in Istan, incite a great swelling of heat before you.
  Chapter 2: Igniting Burst ½ 8 Tome. Ignite the air around you in an expanding burst.
  Chapter 3: Heated Rebuke ¾ 15 Tome. Call forth a heated vortex to collapse your enemies together.
  Chapter 4: Scorched Aftermath ½ 15 Tome. Detail the suffering in fire and blood inflicted during Vabbi's occupation.
  Epilogue: Ashes of the Just ¾ 20 Tome. Recall the memory of fallen heroes, granting allies the searing blades of justice.
Tome of Resolve     Virtue: Regenerate health.
Activate: Draw forth an enchanted tome that recounts the trials undergone by the people of Vabbi.
  Chapter 1: Desert Bloom ½   Tome. Tales of desert blooms create a wave of healing for your allies.
  Chapter 2: Radiant Recovery ¾ 6 Tome. Release magic from pages detailing the rebuilding of Vabbi, cleansing conditions on nearby allies. Allies are healed for each condition removed.
  Chapter 3: Azure Sun ¾ 15 Tome. Inspired by countless poems describing the comforting powers of the water-reflected sun, grant boons to allies.
  Chapter 4: Shining River ½ 15 Tome. Release a torrent of pages describing the water cycle of the Elon River. Heal allies and grant them swiftness.
  Epilogue: Eternal Oasis ¾ 25 Tome. Purify your allies with the waters of Amnoon and increase the healing they receive.
Tome of Courage     Virtue: Gain aegis periodically.
Activate: Conjure a mystic tome containing stories about the heroes of Istan.
  Chapter 1: Unflinching Charge ½   Tome. Roused by tales of mythical Sunspear charges, ground and motivate allies before you.
  Chapter 2: Daring Challenge   15 Tome. As the tales recount of Turai, taunt your enemies by issuing an insightfully inciting challenge.
  Chapter 3: Valiant Bulwark ¾ 20 Tome. Manifest the shimmering purity of the desert sun, reflecting enemy missiles.
  Chapter 4: Stalwart Stand ¼ 20 Tome. Recount the stand of Elonian loyalists against Palawa Joko, granting resistance to your allies.
  Epilogue: Unbroken Lines ¾ 25 Tome. Recalling the memory of heroes past, enchant nearby allies with formidable defenses.

Willbender top

Willbenders are protectors of the Canthan throne. The guardian's Virtues of Willbender are movement based, giving them a swift advantage in combat.

  Skill Description
Rushing Justice ½ 18 Virtue. Rush toward your target and gain Justice, delivering a strike and emanating Willbender Flames.
  Willbender Flames     Manifest flames that damage enemies on an interval.
Activating this ability destroys other active Willbender Flames effects.
Flowing Resolve ½ 20 Virtue. Remove conditions and gain Flowing Resolve. Rush forward and evade attacks while leaving Willbender Flames in your wake.
  Willbender Flames     Leave a trail of flame in your wake that damage enemies.
Activating this skill destroys other active Willbender Flames effects.
Crashing Courage ¾ 30 Virtue. Shadowstep a short distance while gaining boons and emanating Willbender Flames from your location. Gain сourage.
  Willbender Flames     Create a ring of flame that damages enemies.
Activating this skill destroys other active Willbender Flames effects.
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