Necromancer : Shroud


Necromancer gathers Life Force from nearby deaths or from some skills that allows him to transform into Death Shroud which gives him access to a different set of skills and enables him to use life force instead of his health.

  Skill Description
Death Shroud   10 Assume a spectral form and gain new skills, turning your life force into health.
Life Blast 1   Shroud. Blast your foe with life force.
Dark Path ¾ 8 Shroud. Send out a claw. If it hits a foe, it inflicts bleeding and chill on nearby foes and you may cast Dark Pursuit to shadowstep to the initial target.
  Dark Pursuit     Shadowstep to the foe marked by Dark Path. Using this skill increases the recharge of Dark Path.
Doom ¾ 20 Shroud. Inflict fear on your foe.
Life Transfer 25 Shroud. Damage nearby foes and steal their life force.
Tainted Shackles ¼ 30 Shroud. Begin binding nearby enemies with your life force, pulsing out conditions; they can break this binding if they get far enough away from you. Bound foes are immobilized if the binding finishes.
Plague Blast ½   Blast a foe with a plague that transfers one condition to them.
Dark Water ½ 8 Blind and poison foes near your target with a dark cloud.
Wave of Fear ½ 20 Terrify all foes in front of you with a wave of fear.
Gathering Plague 25 Draw conditions from nearby allies to yourself, and inflict weakness on yourself.
Tainted Shackles ¼ 30 Shroud. Bind nearby enemies with your life force, conditioning them repeatedly. If enemies move out of range of this ability, the bind will break. If the bind is allowed to expire, it immobilizes and damages them.

Reaper top

Reaper is an elite specialization for the Necromancer. Death Shroud for Reaper is replaced with Reaper's Shroud, which has more melee-oriented skills.

  Skill Description
Reaper's Shroud   10 Assume the form of a reaper and gain new skills, turning your life force into health.
Life Rend ½   Chain. Shroud. Cleave foes in front of you.
  Life Slash ½   Chain. Shroud. Cleave foes in front of you again.
  Life Reap ½   Shroud. Cleave foes around you, gaining life force for each foe struck.
Death's Charge 6 Shroud. Slide forward, destroying projectiles in your path. Blind foes at your destination.
Infusing Terror   25 Shroud. Shroud yourself with dark armor that grants stability and reduces most incoming damage. You may shatter this armor to fear foes around you.
  Terrify ½   Shroud. Detonate your armor to make foes around you flee in fear.
Soul Spiral 30 Shroud. Spin and damage nearby foes, and inflict a condition each strike.
Executioner's Scythe 30 Shroud. Deliver a powerful overhand strike to stun a single target, dealing increased damage the lower their health. Leaves behind an ice field.

Scourge top

Scourge loses access to Death Shroud in favor of getting access to Shade skills at all times, which use life force directly on use. Life force cost is static, and does not scale with the total life force pool.

  Skill Description
Manifest Sand Shade ½   Shade. Manifest a sand shade using some of your life force. Using a shade ability strikes enemies near you and your shades.
Nefarious Favor   12 Shade. Your shades convert a condition on nearby allies into a boon. Targets affected by this ability can only be affected once per cast.
Sand Cascade   12 Shade. Sand rises up near your shades to shield nearby allies. Targets affected by this ability can only be affected once per cast.
Garish Pillar   20 Shade. Induce fear in enemies around your sand shades. Targets affected by this ability can only be affected once per cast.
Desert Shroud   30 Shade. Enter the desert shroud, gaining a powerful barrier and pulsing necrotic energy around your sand shades. Targets affected by this ability can only be affected once per pulse.

Harbinger top

Harbinger replaces Death Shroud with Harbinger Shroud, which applies Blight to the harbinger every second while in shroud. Blight decreases your maximum health. When in combat out of shroud, life force will be continually drained to heal the harbinger.

  Skill Description
Harbinger Shroud   10 Enter Harbinger Shroud, granting powerful offensive skills but leaving you vulnerable to attack. As you remain in Harbinger Shroud, you accumulate blight over time.
Blight decreases your maximum health.
Tainted Bolts ½   Shroud. Fire quick bolts of dark energy that explode on impact, inflicting torment to enemies in the area.
Dark Barrage ¾ 5 Shroud. Fire six bolts of tormenting energy that fan out from you, piercing all enemies in their path.
Devouring Cut 1 10 Shroud. Channel twisted energy to launch yourself at your foe, tormenting nearby enemies.
Voracious Arc ¾ 18 Shroud. Leap to your destination, evading through the air. Daze enemies near your impact point.
Vital Draw 1 25 Shroud. Twist the souls of nearby enemies, suspending them in the air while you siphon their life force. Gain life force for each target struck.
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