Engineer : Skills

Weapon skills

Hammer Scrapper - Twohands top

  Skill Type Description
Positive Strike Chain ½   Smack your hammer into your foe while empowering yourself.
  Negative Bash Chain ½   Slam your hammer into your foe to leave them vulnerable.
  Equalizing Blow Chain ½   Bring down your hammer on your foe.
Electro-whirl   1 8 Spin around, reflecting missiles and hitting enemies.
Rocket Charge   18 Dash forward with a rocket-charged hammer to damage enemies.
Shock Shield   18 Block attacks while striking foes in front of you, gaining barrier with each enemy you hit.
Thunderclap   ¾ 20 Ionize an area, bringing down the power of lightning to stun foes and damage them over its duration.

Rifle Twohands top

  Skill Type Description
Hip Shot   ¾   Deliver a quick rifle shot from the hip that pierces targets.
Net Shot     10 Immobilize foes with a net shot.
Blunderbuss   ½ 12 Fire several shards of shrapnel that inflict more damage the closer you are to foes.
Overcharged Shot     15 Fire a blast so strong that it launches your foe as the recoil frees you from any movement-impairing conditions.
Jump Shot   1 20 Blast the ground, damaging nearby foes and leaping to your target.

Mace Mechanist - Main hand top

  Skill Type Description
Mace Strike   ½   Strike your target.
  Mace Smash   ½   Smash your target with a heavy blow from your mace, inflicting confusion.
  Barrier Blast   ¾   Smash your target with a final heavy strike, inflicting additional confusion. You, your mech, and allies near you gain barrier.
Energizing Slam   ¾ 6 Leap forward and smash the ground, inflicting vulnerability and confusion on foes while granting vigor and regeneration to allies.
Rocket Fist Prototype   ¾ 15 Launch a fist that explodes on the first target hit, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.

Pistol Both hands top

  Skill Type Description
Fragmentation Shot   ½   Fire a shot that bleeds the impacted target and then shatters, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
Poison Dart Volley   8 Fire a volley of darts that poison foes.
Static Shot     12 Discharge a lightning shot that bounces between multiple foes, blinding and confusing them.
Blowtorch   ½ 15 Unleash flames from your pistol to burn foes. Deals more damage the closer you are.
Glue Shot   ½ 20 Coat the target area with a glue puddle that immobilizes foes on impact, then cripples foes that remain within.

Sword Holosmith - Main hand top

  Skill Type Description
Sun Edge   ½   Strike your foe and inflict vulnerability. This attack deals more damage based on your heat level.
  Sun Ripper   ½   Strike your foe again and inflict vulnerability. This attack deals more damage based on your heat level.
  Gleam Saber   ¾   Unleash a burst of stored energy with your sword and recharge your other sword skills. This attack deals more damage based on your heat level.
Refraction Cutter   ½ 9 Strike at foes in front of you and launch a blade of light at your target. Launch extra blades based on your heat level. Each blade inflicts conditions.
Radiant Arc   ¾ 14 Leap to your target and create an arc of light that strikes nearby foes. Gain quickness based on your heat level.

Shield Off hand top

  Skill Type Description
Magnetic Shield   3 25 Create a magnetic field that reflects projectiles and can be released to knock back foes.
  Magnetic Inversion       Release the magnetic field to knock back nearby foes.
Static Shield   30 Electrify your shield, preparing to throw it at foes. Stun nearby enemies that attack you while blocking.
  Throw Shield   ¾   Throw your charged shield. Dazes foes it hits on the way out and back.

Harpoon gun Aquatic top

  Skill Type Description
Homing Torpedo   1   Fire a shot that homes in on your foe and detonates an area around them.
Scatter Mines   ¼ 10 Fire out a spread of explosive mines at your enemy.
Capture Line   ¼ 12 Cast out a towline and drag your foe toward you.
Timed Charge   ¼ 15 Fire a timed charge at your target, damaging and burning nearby foes when it detonates.
Net Wall   ¼ 18 Launch a deployable net wall to immobilize foes caught within.

Healing skills top

Skill Type   Description
Elixir H Elixir   ¾ 25 Drink Elixir H to heal yourself and gain protection, regeneration, and swiftness.
Toss Elixir H Elixir   ½ 25 Toss Elixir H to grant protection, regeneration, and vigor to allies.
Med Kit Engineering Kit       Equip a kit that replaces your weapon with healing skills.
Bandage Self     1 17 Bandage your wounds and heal yourself.
A.E.D. Gadget   ¾ 30 Activate your A.E.D., enabling the system to heal you after a brief period of time. If you take lethal damage while A.E.D. is active, it ends and heals you for a large amount and removes conditions.
Static Shock     ¾ 20 Use your A.E.D. to stun an enemy.
Healing Turret Turret ¾ 30 Deploy a turret that heals you briefly, then regenerates you and your allies. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
Regenerating Mist     ¼ 21 Release a mist of healing liquid to regenerate nearby allies.
Medic Gyro Well   ½ 30 Deploy a medic gyro to heal yourself and nearby allies.
Reconstruction Field     ½ 25 Establish a defensive field, granting protection to allies in its area.
Coolant Blast Exceed   ¾ 25 Heal yourself and chill nearby foes. If you are above the heat threshold when this skill is activated, gain Frost Aura and continue healing for a duration.
Cauterize     ¾ 30 Use a laser to burn off conditions and set yourself on fire for each condition removed. Removes additional conditions if above the heat threshold.
Rectifier Signet Signet   ¾ 30 Signet Passive: Heal yourself and your mech every second.
Signet Active: Heal yourself and your mech.

Utility skills top

Skill Type   Description
Elixir B Elixir   ½ 30 Drink Elixir B to gain fury, might, resolution, and swiftness.
Toss Elixir B Elixir   ½ 25 Toss Elixir B at a location, granting stability and one of the following boons to allies: fury, might, resolution, or swiftness.
Elixir C Elixir   ½ 40 Drink Elixir C, converting all conditions into boons.
Toss Elixir C Elixir   ½ 20 Toss Elixir C, converting conditions into boons for allies.
Elixir R Elixir   ¼ 30 Drink Elixir R to refill your endurance and remove immobilizing effects.
Toss Elixir R Elixir   ¼ 90 Toss Elixir R to revive allies at a location.
Elixir S Elixir     60 Drink Elixir S to shrink yourself, recover from stun, and evade attacks.
Toss Elixir S Elixir   ½ 45 Toss Elixir S, granting stealth to allies in the target area.
Elixir U Elixir     40 Drink Elixir U, gaining quickness, stability, and vigor.
Toss Elixir U Elixir   ½ 40 Toss Elixir U, breaking stuns on allies and granting them superspeed.
Bomb Kit Engineering Kit       Equip a kit that replaces your weapon with bomb skills.
Big Ol' Bomb     ½ 20 Set a timed charge with a big blast that launches nearby foes.
Elixir Gun Engineering Kit       Arm yourself with an elixir gun that replaces your weapon skills.
Healing Mist Elixir     35 Vent a healing mist, granting regeneration to yourself and allies.
Flamethrower Engineering Kit     Arm yourself with a flamethrower that replaces your weapon skills.
Incendiary Ammo       40 Burn foes with your next three attacks.
Grenade Kit Engineering Kit       Equip a kit that replaces your weapon with grenade skills.
Grenade Barrage     ½ 25 Throw several grenades at once.
Tool Kit Engineering Kit       Equip a kit that gives you a variety of tools.
Throw Wrench     ½ 17 Throw a wrench that returns to you, striking foes each way.
Personal Battering Ram Gadget   ½ 5 Launch a target foe with a concealed ram head.
Launch Personal Battering Ram       12 Shoot a ram's head in front of you, impairing any struck foes.
Rocket Boots Gadget   ¾ 2 Fly forward, removing movement-impairing conditions and damaging foes with your rocket exhaust. Movement-impairing conditions include cripple, chill, and immobilize.
Rocket Kick     ½ 15 Use your rocket boots to do an explosive kick that burns foes.
Slick Shoes Gadget     40 Spray oil behind you, knocking down foes. If underwater, foes entering the field are blinded and slowed.
Superspeed       25 Activate your slick shoes, enabling you to move at superior speeds.
Utility Goggles Gadget     30 Break out of stun, gaining resistance and clearing blindness.
Detection Pulse     ½ 20 Remove stealth from enemies in a large area.
Throw Mine Gadget   ½ 30 Throw out a remote-controlled land mine that damages, knocks back, and removes a boon from nearby foes.
Mine Field     1 17 Plant five mines around yourself.
Flame Turret Turret ½ 20 Deploy a turret that burns foes. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
Throw Napalm     ½ 25 Throw a ball of napalm that explodes on impact, burning foes around target location.
Net Turret Turret   ½ 30 Build a net turret that immobilizes nearby foes. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
Net Attack       38 Fire a net from your belt to immobilize your foe.
Rifle Turret Turret   ½ 20 Build a rifle turret that shoots at foes. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
Surprise Shot       8 Fire a bullet out of your belt.
Rocket Turret Turret   ½ 40 Build a turret that fires rockets. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
Rocket     ½ 25 Fire a rocket out of your belt that explodes on impact.
Thumper Turret Turret ½ 40 Build a high-health thumper turret that damages nearby foes. This turret overcharges when it is first placed.
Rumble     ¼ 38 Release a shock wave of inertial force to damage nearby foes.
Blast Gyro Well   ¼ 20 Unleash a blast gyro to begin a countdown to a tremendous blast.
Bypass Coating       35 Splash a hypercoating on nearby allies, granting superspeed.
Bulwark Gyro Well     30 Deploy a bulwark gyro to grant you barrier and redirect damage to you from nearby allies. Your initial personal barrier scales with the number of allies near you.
Defense Field       40 Project a defensive dome around yourself and grant stability to nearby allies.
Purge Gyro Well     20 Deploy a purge gyro to remove conditions from you and your nearby allies.
Chemical Field       25 Generate a poison cloud.
Shredder Gyro Well   ½ 20 Deploy a shredder gyro to attack foes near you and repeatedly use whirl finishers.
Spare Capacitor     ½ 24 Set down a lightning capacitor to daze and damage foes near it.
Hard Light Arena Exceed   ½ 60 Create a holographic arena that grants you boons while inside of it. When activated above the heat threshold, the radius and duration are increased. Allies gain boons at reduced duration.
Prismatic Singularity     ½ 35 Collapse a ring of holograms to pull foes into a single point. The ring explodes when it fully collapses. Radius and pull distance increased while above the heat threshold.
Laser Disk Exceed   ¾ 30 Create rotating laser blades to damage nearby foes. This skill has increased duration when activated while above the heat threshold.
Blade Burst       30 Fire holographic blades at foes within range. Damage increased while over the heat threshold.
Spectrum Shield Exceed     40 Break stun effects and create a holographic shell that reduces incoming damage. This skill recharges faster while above the heat threshold.
Flash Spark       40 Release a blinding burst of light from your holographic emitter. While above the heat threshold, gain light aura.
Photon Wall Exceed   ¼ 45 A defensive barrier appears in front of you that blocks you and your allies from incoming attacks. Reactivate Exceed to fire the barrier at foes as an attack. This skill grants projectile reflection if you are above the heat threshold.
Particle Accelerator       10 Fire a crippling bolt of light at your target. Allies the bolt passes through are granted swiftness. Projectile velocity increased while above the heat threshold.
Barrier Signet Signet   ½ 30 Signet Passive: Incoming strike and condition damage is reduced.
Signet Active: Create a projectile-blocking dome around yourself. You and allies inside the dome gain barrier every second. If your mech is active, the dome is centered on it and is larger.
The mech does not count against the target count for this skill.
Force Signet Signet   ¾ 35 Signet Passive: Increases strike damage dealt.
Signet Active: Knock foes away from yourself and away from your mech.
Shift Signet Signet   50 Signet Passive: Increases movement speed. Boons you gain are copied to your mech.
Signet Active: You and your mech shadowstep to the target location. Remove conditions on you and your mech.
Superconducting Signet Signet   ¾ 30 Signet Passive: Increases condition damage dealt.
Signet Active: Creates a damaging field around you that applies conditions to nearby foes. If your mech is active, the field instead radiates from and follows the mech.

Elite skills top

Skill Type   Description
Elixir X Elixir   1 105 Drink Elixir X to become a rampaging brute or whirling tornado. Underwater, become either a withering plague or a whirlpool.
Toss Elixir X Elixir   ½ 90 Toss your Elixir X, transforming enemies at the location into moas.
Elite Mortar Kit Engineering Kit     Equip the mortar kit.
Orbital Strike     ¾ 20 Call down energy from the sky to blast an area.
Supply Crate Turret   1 120 Request a supply drop of turrets. Turrets overcharge when they are first dropped.
Med Pack Drop     ½ 50 Call down a supply drop of med packs into a target area.
Sneak Gyro Well   ¾ 60 Deploy a sneak gyro to provide stealth to nearby allies.
Prime Light Beam Exceed 40 Charge up and fire an explosive beam of light in front of you. When activated above the heat threshold, this attack leaves behind a burning holographic field.
Overclock Signet Signet   90 Signet Passive: Reduces recharge of other signets.
Signet Active: Order your mech to fire its ultimate weapon, the jade buster cannon. If your mech is not present, instead your mech is summoned, even if Crash Down is on cooldown.

Downed and drowning skills top

  Skill Type Description
Downed skills
Throw Junk   ¼   Throw a bit of junk and inflict a random condition on your foe.
Grappling Line   1 10 Throw out a grappling line to pull your foe to you.
Booby Trap   ½ 20 Set off an explosive booby trap, launching nearby foes with a powerful blast.
Bandage   49¼ 5 Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it.
Drowning skills
Floating Mine   ½   Throw out a mine that explodes on contact.
Anchor   ½ 10 Sink your foe.
Buoy   3 15 Inflate a buoy, floating more quickly to the surface.
Bandage   49¼ 5 Call your allies for help. Restores health while you channel it.

Auxiliary skillbars top

Med Kit

  Skill Type Description
Med Blaster     Restore health to allies with several pulses of healing energy. Heals more for each boon on the ally.
Bandage Blast   ½ 8 Fire several bandages ahead of you to heal allies.
Cleansing Field   ½ 15 Release purifying vapors to cleanse conditions from allies near you at each interval.
Vital Burst     20 Unleash a cascade of concentrated healing vapors around you.
Infusion Bomb   ½ 30 Throw a bomb that grants boons to nearby allies when it explodes.

Bomb Kit top

  Skill Type Description
Bomb   ½   Set an explosive that damages nearby foes.
Fire Bomb   ½ 8 Set an explosive that burns nearby foes.
Concussion Bomb   ½ 16 Set an explosive that causes confusion to nearby foes.
Smoke Bomb   ½ 20 Set a timed charge that creates a cloud of smoke, blinding nearby foes.
Glue Bomb   ½ 20 Set an explosive that explodes into a puddle of glue, immobilizing foes caught in the explosion and crippling foes in the puddle.

Elixir Gun top

  Skill Type Description
Tranquilizer Dart   ¾   Fire a dart that bleeds and weakens foes.
Glob Shot   ¾ 8 Fire a bouncing glob that cripples foes and grants swiftness to you and your allies.
Fumigate   12 Spray a cone of elixir fumes, inflicting poison and vulnerability to foes and curing conditions on allies with every strike.
Acid Bomb Elixir ¼ 15 Leap backward, spraying an acidic elixir on the ground that damages nearby foes.
Super Elixir Elixir ½ 20 Launch an elixir orb, healing allies on impact and creating an area of continual healing.

Flamethrower top

  Skill Type Description
Flame Jet     Spray fire in a cone pattern while moving, burning foes on the final attack. Deals 10% bonus damage to burning targets.
Flame Blast   ½ 6 Fire a napalm ball that rolls through foes and explodes.
Air Blast   ½ 15 Push back foes and projectiles with a hot-air blast, burning foes that are already on fire.
Napalm     25 Burn foes with a wall of napalm at the target location.
Smoke Vent     15 Vent smoke from your flamethrower, blinding nearby foes.

Grenade Kit top

  Skill Type Description
Grenade   ½   Throw several grenades that explode.
Shrapnel Grenade   ½ 6 Throw grenades that explode in a hail of shrapnel, causing bleeding.
Flash Grenade   ½ 10 Throw grenades that explode in blinding flashes.
Freeze Grenade   ½ 20 Throw grenades that chill foes with frigid blasts.
Poison Grenade   ½ 25 Throw several grenades that explode in poisonous blasts.

Tool Kit top

  Skill Type Description
Smack Chain ½   Smack your foe. Repair turrets.
  Whack Chain ½   Whack your foe. Repairs turrets.
  Thwack   1   Thwack your foe. Repairs turrets.
Box of Nails   ¾ 8 Scatter nails that bleed and cripple foes.
Pry Bar   ½ 15 Confuse your foe by smacking them with a pry bar.
Gear Shield   2 20 Block attacks.
Magnet   25 Pull your target to you.

Elixir X top

  Skill Type Description
Electrified Tornado     1 Electrify your tornado form and make it shoot lightning.
Dust Tornado     1 Gather up dust into your tornado form, making it shoot out dust devils that blind foes.
Debris Tornado     1 Gather up debris into your tornado form and send it flying.
Elemental Requiem     3 Unleash the elements from your core, firing a random elemental in all directions. Elements have differing effects based on your current tornado type.
Dust Charge   7 Move swiftly in a direction, knocking back enemies you collide with.
Smash Physical ½   Smash your foe.
  Bash Physical ½   Bash your foe with another blow.
  Uppercut Physical 1   Finish the chain with a pulverizing uppercut.
Kick Physical ½ 4 Push back your foe with a kick.
Dash Physical 4 Charge your foe.
Throw Boulder Physical 1 8 Throw a large boulder at your foe.
Seismic Leap Physical ¾ 10 Leap into the air and knock down nearby foes where you land.

Elixir X top

  Skill Type Description
Withering Plague     1 Add bleeding to your plague.
Plague of Darkness     1 Add blindness to your plague.
Plague of Pestilence     1 Add cripple and weakness to your plague and increase its damage dealt.

Elite Mortar Kit top

  Skill Type Description
Mortar Shot   ½   Launch an explosive round from your mortar, damaging foes in the target area.
Poison Gas Shell   ½ 10 Launch a mortar round that spreads poisonous gas in an area.
Endothermic Shell   ½ 15 Launch a mortar round that chills foes in the target area.
Flash Shell   ½ 30 Launch a phosphorous mortar round that burns brightly at impact point.
Elixir Shell Elixir ½ 30 Launch a mortar round that heals allies in the target area.
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