Mesmer : Specializations

Domination top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Illusion of Vulnerability   Inflict vulnerability when you interrupt a foe. This trait can only affect enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Confounding Suggestions   Diversion now stuns foes instead of dazing them.
Empowered Illusions   Illusions deal more damage.
Rending Shatter   Shatter skills inflict vulnerability on hit.
Tier: Master
Dazzling   Dazing or stunning a foe also applies vulnerability.
Shattered Concentration   Shatter skills also remove a boon on hit.
Egotism   Deal more damage to foes with a lower health percentage than you.
Furious Interruption 3 Gain quickness when you interrupt a foe.
Tier: Grandmaster
Fragility   Deal more damage for each stack of vulnerability on your target.
Imagined Burden   Greatsword skills other than the Spatial Surge gain recharge reduction and inflict cripple. Phantasmal Berserker summons an additional berserker but deals less damage.
Mental Anguish   Shatter skills deal more damage. This bonus damage is doubled against foes that are not activating skills.
Power Block   Interrupts deal damage and inflict weakness. Enemy skills that you interrupt have an increased cooldown. Cannot increase recharge of skills with no recharge or skills on creatures with defiance bars. This trait can only damage enemies with defiance bars once per interval.

Dueling top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Critical Infusion 10 Gain vigor when delivering a critical hit.
Phantasmal Fury   Your phantasms have fury.
Desperate Decoy 40 Cloak and leave a clone of yourself behind when struck while below the health threshold.
Duelist's Discipline   Pistol attacks from you and your illusions have a chance to cause bleeding. Interrupting a foe recharges pistol skills. This trait can only reduce recharge on enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Tier: Master
Sharper Images   Illusions inflict bleeding on critical hits.
Blinding Dissipation   Blind foes that are struck by Cry of Frustration.
Evasive Mirror 10 Reflect projectiles after a successful evasion.
Fencer's Finesse   Gain a stacking ferocity effect when you or one of your illusions strikes with a one-handed sword or a spear. Reduces recharge on sword and spear skills.
Tier: Grandmaster
Master Fencer 5 Gain fury when you strike an enemy whose health is below the threshold.
Superiority Complex   Your critical hits deal more damage. Critical hit damage against disabled foes, or foes below the health threshold, is further increased. Disabled foes are affected by stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, fear, taunt, or launch.
Ineptitude   Interrupting a foe inflicts blind, and blinding a foe inflicts confusion. This trait can only activate on enemies with defiance bars once per interval.
Deceptive Evasion   Create a clone at your current position when you dodge.

Chaos top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Metaphysical Rejuvenation 15 Gain regeneration when struck while below the health threshold.
Method of Madness 35 Cast Lesser Chaos Storm when you use a healing skill.
Illusionary Defense   Gain stacking damage reduction whenever you summon an illusion.
Master of Manipulation   Manipulations gain recharge reduction and grant superspeed to yourself and allies affected by them.
Tier: Master
Illusionary Membrane 15 Gain protection when you gain regeneration.
Auspicious Anguish   Convert damaging conditions to boons whenever you gain Distortion or become disabled. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Chaotic Transference   Gain condition damage based on your toughness. Gain expertise based on your concentration.
Chaotic Dampening   Chaos armor grants protection. Staff and trident skills gain reduced recharge.
Tier: Grandmaster
Chaotic Persistence   Outgoing boon and condition duration increase for every boon on you.
Chaotic Interruption 1 When you interrupt a foe, recharge one of your equipped-weapon skills at random. Only affects weapon skills that are recharging.
Prismatic Understanding   Increased stealth duration from mesmer skills. Gain random boons while you are in stealth.
Bountiful Disillusionment   Gain stability when you use a Shatter skill. Gain an additional boon based on which Shatter is used.

Inspiration top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Mender's Purity 1 Cast Lesser Power Cleanse when you use a healing skill.
Medic's Feedback 32 Cast Feedback while reviving an ally. Feedback revives allies inside its dome.
Restorative Mantras   Heals allies around you when you finish preparing a Mantra.
Sympathetic Visage   Phantasms take your conditions when they are first summoned.
Tier: Master
Inspiring Distortion   Grant aegis to other nearby allies whenever you give yourself distortion.
Warden's Feedback   Focus weapon skills reflect projectiles. Reduces recharge on focus weapon skills.
Restorative Illusions   Heal yourself and lose conditions when you use a Shatter skill.
Protected Phantasms   Phantasms spawn with aegis.
Tier: Grandmaster
Healing Prism 10 When healing yourself, nearby allies are also healed. Gain healing power based on a portion of your power.
Mental Defense 50 Cast Lesser Phantasmal Defender on your attacker when you successfully block or evade an attack.
Illusionary Inspiration   Summoning an illusion heals all allies around you.
Blurred Inscriptions   Signets have improved active effects, and activating one grants you distortion.

Illusions top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Cry of Pain   Cry of Frustration inflicts more stacks of confusion for an increased duration.
Shatter Storm   Mind Wrack becomes an ammo skill.
Persistence of Memory   When a phantasm becomes a clone, it transfers its boons to you.
The Pledge   Reduces recharge on torch skills. Flame bursts from torch skills inflict additional burning.
Tier: Master
Compounding Power   Creating an illusion increases your outgoing damage and gives increased condition damage for a short duration.
Escape Artist   Create a clone when you gain stealth.
Phantasmal Haste   Phantasms spawn with quickness. Gain quickness when you create a phantasm.
Maim the Disillusioned   Shatter skills inflict torment on hit.
Tier: Grandmaster
Master of Misdirection   Shatter skills gain recharge reduction.
Phantasmal Force   Phantasms deal increased damage for each stack of might you have. Gain might when your phantasms become clones.
Master of Fragmentation   Your Shatter skills are improved.
Malicious Sorcery   Increases attack speed while wielding a scepter. Reduces recharge on scepter skills.

Chronomancer Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Time Splitter   Gain access to chronomancer shatter skills and Wells.
Delayed Reactions   Disabling a foe slows them. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
This trait can only affect the same enemy with once per interval.
Time Catches Up   Activating a Shatter gives your illusions superspeed. Shatters deal increased damage to movement-impaired foes.
All's Well That Ends Well   Wells heal allies when they end.
Tier: Master
Flow of Time   Gain alacrity for each clone you shatter.
Danger Time   Gain additional critical-hit chance against slowed enemies. Critical hits deal additional damage to slowed enemies. This bonus also applies to your illusions.
Illusionary Reversion   Shatter skills generate a clone if you have enough clones present.
Improved Alacrity   Alacrity applied to you is stronger but has a reduced duration.
Tier: Grandmaster
Time Marches On   You move 25% faster. The duration of incoming movement-impairing conditions is reduced by 25%.
Lost Time 3 Gain alacrity when you inflict slow.
Seize the Moment   Gain quickness for each clone you shatter. Nearby allies also gain quickness.
Chronophantasma   The first time a phantasm would become a clone, it instead resummons itself and attacks again. Resummoned phantasms inflict a percentage of the original's damage. (Resummoned phantasms are briefly dazed.)

Mirage Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Mirage Cloak   Gain Mirage Cloak instead of dodge rolling. Ambush skills become available for a short time whenever you gain Mirage Cloak. Gain access to Deception skills.
Self-Deception   Using a Deception skill will create a clone if you have any other clones active.
Renewing Oasis   Gain regeneration when you gain Mirage Cloak. The duration of incoming damaging conditions is reduced while you are regenerating.
Riddle of Sand   When entering combat, your first Ambush attack applies confusion. This ability refreshes when you use a Shatter skill.
Tier: Master
Nomad's Endurance   Shatter skills give vigor, and vigor grants condition damage.
Desert Distortion   Illusions shattered by Distortion become Mirage Mirrors. Ambush skills become available for a short time whenever you grant distortion to yourself.
Mirage Mantle   Gain protection when Mirage Cloak ends.
Mirrored Axes   Reduce recharge of axe skills. Axe skills generate an additional phantom axe.
Tier: Grandmaster
Speed of Sand   Mirage Cloak increases your movement speed.
Infinite Horizon   When you gain Mirage Cloak, your illusions also gain it.
Elusive Mind   Dodging breaks stun and removes conditions. If you break a stun in this manner, you will be left exhausted.
Dune Cloak   Use Sand Shards when Mirage Cloak ends.
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