Engineer : Specializations

Explosives top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Explosive Entrance   Your first attack when entering combat explodes, dealing damage to nearby foes. This ability refreshes after a dodge roll.
Grenadier   Increase the throw velocity and blast radius of grenades. Using a healing skill casts Lesser Grenade Barrage.
Short Fuse 3 Gain fury when you hit a foe with an Explosion.
Glass Cannon   Strike damage dealt increases when above health threshold.
Tier: Master
Steel-Packed Powder   Explosions cause vulnerability.
Aim-Assisted Rocket 3 Missile hits launch a rocket at your target. After enough rockets have been fired, an orbital strike is called instead. This trait has an internal cooldown.
Explosive Temper   Explosions grant stacking ferocity when they hit.
Blast Shield   Explosive Entrance grants barrier. Gain vitality based on a percentage of your power.
Tier: Grandmaster
Shaped Charge   Deal increased strike damage for each stack of vulnerability on your target.
Flashbang   Explosive Entrance inflicts blindness when it hits. Additionally it dazes foes above the health threshold.
Shrapnel   Explosions have a chance to cripple and cause bleeding on hit.
Big Boomer   Deal increased strike damage to foes with a lower health percentage than you. Hitting with an Explosion heals you over a few seconds.

Firearms top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Sharpshooter   Critical hits have a chance to cause bleeding.
Chemical Rounds   Gain condition damage. Your pistol skills gain increased condition duration.
Sanguine Array   Gain might when you inflict bleeding on a foe.
High Caliber   You have an increased critical hit chance against foes within the range threshold.
Tier: Master
Hematic Focus   You have increased chance to critically strike against bleeding foes.
Pinpoint Distribution 10 While you are in combat, grant might to yourself and nearby allies each interval.
Thermal Vision   Gain expertise. Increase your outgoing condition damage when you inflict burning.
No Scope 8 Critical hits on foes within the range threshold have a chance to grant fury. Fury grants you ferocity.
Tier: Grandmaster
Serrated Steel   Bleeding you inflict gains increased duration.
Juggernaut   Gain might and stability while wielding a flamethrower. Might applied to you gains increased duration.
Modified Ammunition   Deal increased strike damage for each condition on a foe.
Incendiary Powder 10 Burning you inflict lasts longer, and your critical hits inflict burning.

Inventions top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Cleansing Synergy 10 Using a heal skill triggers a cleansing pulse around you.
Over Shield   Shield skills grant protection to nearby allies. Protection on you gains increased damage reduction.
Automated Medical Response 120 Heal skills are recharged when you are struck while below the health threshold.
Autodefense Bomb Dispenser 40 Drop a smoke bomb when you are disabled. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Tier: Master
Reconstruction Enclosure   Grant protection to nearby allies when you use a heal skill.
Experimental Turrets   Turrets create a reflective barrier when built and grant boons to allies around them on a regular interval.
Soothing Detonation   Heal nearby allies when using a tool belt skill.
Mecha Legs   Movement speed is increased. Cripple, chill, and immobilize durations are reduced.
Tier: Grandmaster
Energy Amplifier   Your healing power is increased while you have regeneration.
Anticorrosion Plating   When you grant protection to an ally, cleanse conditions from them.
Bunker Down 4 Create a proximity mine and med kit at your location when you critically hit with an attack.
Medical Dispersion Field 3 While in combat, a percentage of healing you apply to yourself is stored by your Medical Dispersion Field. Each interval, stored healing is spent to heal nearby allies.

Alchemy top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Hidden Flask 24 Drink a Lesser Elixir B when struck while below the health threshold.
Invigorating Speed 10 When you gain swiftness or superspeed, you also gain vigor.
Protection Injection 30 Gain protection when you are disabled. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Health Insurance   Increase your incoming healing effectiveness. Gain increased healing to others while using a med kit.
Tier: Master
Transmute 10 Drink a Lesser Elixir C when you use a healing skill.
Comeback Cure   Grant regeneration when you remove a condition from an ally.
Emergency Elixir 40 Drink an Elixir E when you use an elite skill.
Backpack Regenerator   Recover health every second when using an Engineering Kit.
Tier: Grandmaster
Compounding Chemicals   Heal yourself when you grant yourself a boon. Gain increased concentration.
HGH   Elixirs gain increased durations and grant might.
Purity of Purpose 2 When you would cleanse a condition from an ally, convert it into a boon instead. This can affect multiple targets simultaneously.
Iron Blooded   Reduce physical and condition damage for each boon you have.

Tools top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Optimized Activation   Using tool belt skills grants vigor.
Static Discharge   Discharge a bolt of lightning whenever you use a tool belt skill.
Reactive Lenses   Activate Lesser Utility Goggles after using a healing skill.
Power Wrench   Reduce the recharge of your elite skill when you dodge.
Tier: Master
Mechanized Deployment   Your tool belt skills gain reduced recharge. Tool belt skills remove conditions. Engage Photon Forge cannot activate this trait
Streamlined Kits 20 Equipping an Engineering Kit creates an attack or spell and grants you swiftness.
Lock On 25 Striking a stealthed foe triggers Invisible Analysis. Disabling a foe triggers Controlled Analysis. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Takedown Round   Deal increased strike damage while your endurance is not full.
Tier: Grandmaster
Excessive Energy   Strike damage dealt is increased while you have vigor.
Kinetic Battery   Gain kinetic charges when you use a tool belt skill. At maximum, charges gain a burst of speed.
Adrenal Implant   Endurance regeneration is increased.
Gadgeteer   Gadget skills are more powerful.

Scrapper Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Function Gyro   You gain access to the function gyro, which replaces your tool belt skill 5. Gain access to Gyro skills.
Gyroscopic Acceleration   Well abilities have an increased area of effect and grant superspeed to nearby allies on their first pulse. Your function gyro also grants superspeed to allies when cast.
System Shocker   Disabling a foe grants barrier to nearby allies. Your function gyro dazes foes when cast. Disables include stun, daze, knockback, pull, knockdown, sink, float, launch, taunt, and fear.
Mass Momentum   Gain might while you have stability. Your Function Gyro applies stability to allies when cast.
Tier: Master
Speed of Synergy   Using a heal skill grants superspeed in a radius around you. Using a healing skill's associated tool-belt skill grants you personal superspeed.
Rapid Regeneration   Regenerate health while affected by swiftness or superspeed.
Expert Examination   Your function gyro grants protection to allies when cast. Using a healing skill's associated toolbelt skill grants protection to nearby allies.
Object in Motion   Deal increased strike damage while you have stability, swiftness, or superspeed. This damage increase compounds for each boon you have.
Tier: Grandmaster
Impact Savant   A percentage of the strike damage you deal is converted into barrier.
Adaptive Armor   Barriers you receive are stronger. Reduce incoming condition damage while you have barrier.
Kinetic Accelerators   Grant boons to nearby allies when you successfully combo a field with a blast or leap finisher. Your function gyro is now a blast finisher.
Applied Force 10 Gain stability when you gain might at or above the threshold. Might grants bonus power.

Holosmith Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Photon Projector   Photon Forge replaces your tool belt skill 5. Gain access to Exceed skills.
Light Density Amplifier   Photon Forge reduces incoming damage but has increased passive heat generation.
Prismatic Converter   Deactivate Photon Forge converts conditions into boons based on your heat level.
Solar Focusing Lens   Your first few attacks after entering or exiting Photon Forge inflict burning and deal increased strike damage. This bonus is also granted if you overheat.
Tier: Master
Heat Therapy   Gain health per unit of heat lost. This trait does not function while cooling due to an overheat unless Photonic Blasting Module is equipped.
Crystal Configuration: Storm   Photon Forge skill 1 now fires explosive projectiles, but generates extra heat.
Crystal Configuration: Eclipse   Corona Burst grants a barrier for each target struck.
Crystal Configuration: Zephyr   Holo Leap removes movement-impairing conditions, grants superspeed instead of swiftness, and inflicts cripple.
Tier: Grandmaster
Laser's Edge   While Photon Forge is active, your outgoing strike damage is increased based on your current heat.
Thermal Release Valve   Dodge rolling vents heat as an attack against nearby foes. (Attack will not occur without heat.)
Enhanced Capacity Storage Unit   Increases maximum heat capacity. While above 100% heat, periodically gain might. Some skills and traits gain additional heat tiers.
Photonic Blasting Module   Overheat now blasts damage to nearby foes and no longer deals its initial damage to you. The tool belt recharge penalty for Overheat is reduced. Heat can only be lost after overheating. Damage over time from Overheat is still applied.

Mechanist Elite Specialization top

Trait Description
Tier: Adept
Mechanical Genius   Through your mechanical genius, you have utilized Canthan jade technology to build a customized battle mech that will fight at your side.
Your mech inherits a percentage of all of your combat attributes except precision, which is added to its own.
Your tool belt skills are replaced with Mech Commands, customized by your trait choices. Mech Commands take longer to recharge when using them far away from your mech.
Gain access to signet utility skills.
Mech Arms: Single-Edge Cutters 1 Unlocks the Mech Command skill Rolling Smash. Your mech's attacks apply bleeding. This effect may only affect a given target once per interval.
Mech Arms: High-Impact Drivers 1 Unlocks the Mech Command skill Explosive Knuckle. Your mech's attacks now generate might for allies within a radius. This effect may only occur once per interval.
The mech does not count against the target count for this trait.
Mech Arms: Jade Cannons 1 Melee attacks become ranged, have an increased chance to critically hit, and apply vulnerability. Unlocks the Mech Command skill Spark Revolver.
Tier: Master
Mech Fighter   New combat subroutines enable your mech to use Rocket Punch when you activate Skill 3 on your equipped weapon. Your mech gains a greater percentage of your own toughness and vitality stats.
Mech Frame: Conductive Alloys   Unlocks the Mech Command skill Discharge Array. Your mech gains a greater percentage of your own condition damage and expertise stats.
Mech Frame: Channeling Conduits 4 Unlocks the Mech Command skill Crisis Zone. When you or your mech apply barrier, also grant alacrity to the affected target. Your mech gains a greater percentage of your own concentration and healing power stats.
Mech Frame: Variable Mass Distributor   Unlocks the Mech Command skill Core Reactor Shot. Your mech gains a greater percentage of your own precision stats.
Tier: Grandmaster
Exigency Protocols 60 When your mech is struck while under half health, it activates Exigency Protocols, gaining damage reduction and regeneration for a short duration. Regeneration boons you apply are stronger.
Mech Core: Jade Dynamo   Unlocks the Mech Command skill Jade Mortar. Mech Command skills grant you quickness when used and have a reduced cooldown.
Mech Core: Barrier Engine   Unlocks the Mech Command skill Barrier Burst. While in combat, your mech will automatically grant a small barrier each interval to nearby allies.
The mech does not count against the target count for this trait.
Mech Core: J-Drive   Gain access to the Mech Command skill Sky Circus. While dismissed or away for repairs, your mech supports you with an occasional aerial bombardment.
Signet skills gain improved passive effects and continue to grant their passive bonuses while recharging.
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