Engineer : Tool Belt


The Engineer's profession mechanic is the tool belt. It appears above the profession's skill bar, granting each equipped utility, elite and healing skill a corresponding extra skill.

Skill Toolbelt Skill Description
Healing skills
Elixir H Toss Elixir H ½ 20 Elixir. Toss Elixir H to grant protection, regeneration, and vigor to allies.
Med Kit Bandage Self 1 17 Bandage your wounds and heal yourself.
A.E.D. Static Shock ¾ 20 Use your A.E.D. to stun an enemy.
Healing Turret Regenerating Mist ¼ 21 Release a mist of healing liquid to regenerate nearby allies.
Utility skills
Elixir B Toss Elixir B ½ 20 Elixir. Toss Elixir B at a location, granting stability and one of the following boons to allies: fury, might, or resolution.
Elixir C Toss Elixir C ½ 16 Elixir. Toss Elixir C, converting conditions into boons for allies.
Elixir R Toss Elixir R ¼ 90 Elixir. Toss Elixir R to revive allies at a location.
Elixir S Toss Elixir S ½ 45 Elixir. Toss Elixir S, granting stealth to allies in the target area.
Elixir U Toss Elixir U ½ 25 Elixir. Toss Elixir U, breaking stuns on allies and granting them superspeed.
Bomb Kit Big Ol' Bomb ½ 20 Set a timed charge with a big blast that launches nearby foes.
Elixir Gun Healing Mist   28 Elixir. Vent a healing mist, granting regeneration to yourself and allies.
Flamethrower Incendiary Ammo   40 Burn foes with your next three attacks.
Grenade Kit Grenade Barrage ½ 25 Throw several grenades at once.
Tool Kit Throw Wrench ½ 17 Throw a wrench that returns to you, striking foes each way.
Personal Battering Ram Launch Personal Battering Ram   12 Shoot a ram's head in front of you, impairing any struck foes.
Rocket Boots Rocket Kick ½ 15 Use your rocket boots to do an explosive kick that burns foes.
Slick Shoes Superspeed   25 Activate your slick shoes, enabling you to move at superior speeds.
Throw Mine Mine Field 1 17 Plant five mines around yourself.
Utility Goggles Detection Pulse ½ 20 Remove stealth from enemies in a large area.
Flame Turret Throw Napalm ½ 25 Throw a ball of napalm that explodes on impact, burning foes around target location.
Net Turret Net Attack   38 Fire a net from your belt to immobilize your foe.
Rifle Turret Surprise Shot   12 Fire a bullet out of your belt.
Rocket Turret Rocket ½ 25 Fire a rocket out of your belt that explodes on impact.
Thumper Turret Rumble ¼ 38 Release a shock wave of inertial force to damage nearby foes.
Elite skills
Elixir X Toss Elixir X ½ 60 Elixir. Toss your Elixir X, transforming enemies at the location into moas.
Elite Mortar Kit Orbital Strike ¾ 20 Call down energy from the sky to blast an area.
Supply Crate Med Pack Drop ½ 50 Call down a supply drop of med packs into a target area.

Scrapper top

Scrapper gains access to the Function Gyro that grants the ability to revive allies or finish foes from a distance.

  Skill Description
Function Gyro ¼ 25 Create a lightning field at the specified point. Then summon gyros to finish foes and revive allies within the field. The recharge of this skill is increased for each gyro created beyond the first. Interrupted gyros are destroyed.

Tool Belt Skills

Skill Toolbelt Skill Description
Medic Gyro Reconstruction Field ½ 20 Establish a defensive field, granting protection to allies in its area.
Blast Gyro Bypass Coating   25 Splash a hypercoating on nearby allies, granting superspeed.
Bulwark Gyro Defense Field   40 Project a defensive dome and grant stability to allies in the area.
Purge Gyro Chemical Field   20 Generate a poison cloud.
Shredder Gyro Spare Capacitor ½ 24 Set down a lightning capacitor to daze and damage foes near it.

Holosmith top

Photon Forge replaces the Holosmith's fifth toolbelt skill. Activating it grants a new set of weapon skills, which generate heat.

  Skill Description
Engage Photon Forge   1 Activate your Photon Forge, gaining access to new skills. Generate heat while Photon Forge is active. Take damage if you overheat. Disables use of kits for a short duration.
Light Strike     Swing a holographic blade.
  Bright Slash ½   Slash with a blade of light energy.
  Flash Cutter ½   Cleave through all foes in front of you twice.
Holo Leap ¾ 4 Create a holographic launch pad and leap to your foe. The pad remains behind for a short duration, granting increased movement speed to allies who touch it.
Corona Burst ½ 6 Strike nearby foes and begin to store up energy, gaining boons and heat each pulse. After charging, the energy explodes, inflicting conditions on nearby foes.
Photon Blitz 10 Fire multiple piercing blasts at your target.
Holographic Shockwave ¾ 15 Create a deadly holographic shockwave that launches foes upward. This attack always deals a critical hit.

Tool Belt Skills

Skill Toolbelt Skill Description
Coolant Blast Cauterize   30 Use a laser to burn off conditions and set yourself on fire for each condition removed. Removes additional conditions if above the heat threshold.
Hard Light Arena Prismatic Singularity ½ 35 Collapse a ring of holograms to pull foes into a single point. The ring explodes when it fully collapses. Radius and pull distance increased while above the heat threshold.
Laser Disk Blade Burst   30 Fire holographic blades at foes within range. Damage increased while over the heat threshold.
Photon Wall Particle Accelerator   15 Fire a crippling bolt of light at your target. Allies the bolt passes through are granted swiftness. Projectile velocity and damage increased while above the heat threshold.
Spectrum Shield Flash Spark   25 Release a blinding burst of light from your holographic emitter. While above the heat threshold, gain light aura.

Mechanist top

Mechanist utilizes Canthan jade technology to build a customized battle mech that will fight at his side. His tool belt skills are replaced with mech commands, customized by trait choices.

  Skill Description
Crash Down   50 Summon your jade mech at the target area. Foes in the area are damaged. The recharge time of this skill is based on how damaged your mech is.
  Recall Mech ¾ 10 Recall your mech for repairs. The cooldown of Crash Down is determined by the amount of damage your mech has taken.
Mech Support: Depth Charges ½ 25 Request a barrage from your mech on the target foe.

Mech Commands

  Skill Description
Tier: Adept
Rolling Smash ¾ 20 Mech Command. Slam at the target with both cutters, inflicting severe bleeding to enemies in the area.
Explosive Knuckle ½ 15 Mech Command. Order your mech to dash at a target, punching with an explosive strike that weakens enemies near the point of impact.
Spark Revolver ¾ 20 Mech Command. Fire a rapid volley of jade energy bolts from both arms, piercing through all enemies.
Tier: Master
Discharge Array   30 Mech Command. Cycle energy into your mech's armor to turn it into a lightning rod. Jade energy strikes nearby foes and inflicts conditions on them.
Crisis Zone   40 Mech Command. Your mech removes conditions, breaks stuns, and grants boons to itself and nearby allies. The mech does not count against the target count for this skill.
Core Reactor Shot ¾ 25 Mech Command. Charge up and then release a powerful ball of jade energy at your target that explodes on contact.
Tier: Grandmaster
Jade Mortar ½ 20 Mech Command. Launch a powerful mortar attack at the target.
Barrier Burst 30 Mech Command. Pulse a barrier and boons to all nearby allies. The mech does not count against the target count for this skill.
Sky Circus 30 Mech Command. Your mech jets into the air and fires a missile at each nearby foe before crashing down and dealing additional damage to anything caught underfoot.

Mech AI Skills

  Skill Description
Hard Strike ¼   Strikes foes in front of you.
Heavy Smash ¼   Perform a second, powerful strike.
Twin Strike ½   Strikes foes in front of you.
Jade Energy Shot     ...
Rocket Punch   5 Your mech launches an explosive fist that detonates on hit, dealing defiance damage to enemies with active defiance bars. This skill is only used when you activate Skill 3 on your weapon.
Dynamo Burst     ...
Jade Buster Cannon 1 Fire the main cannon, obliterating targets in a line. The mech may swivel to track targets while firing the jade buster cannon, but it is unable to move.
Aerial Support     ...
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