Good dog! Hold the enemy down while I shoot them! You get a biscuit!

Rangers rely on a keen eye, a steady hand, and the power of nature itself. Unparalleled archers, rangers are capable of bringing down foes from a distance with their bows. With traps, nature spirits, and a stable of loyal pets at their command, rangers can adapt to any situation.

Ranger is always accompanied by a loyal companion - a pet. Ranger can take two pets with him. They cannot be active at the same time, but the Ranger can switch between them. Pet's attributes of health, defense and damage depend on the level of the pet which is always equal to the character's level.

While exploring the world, Ranger may find and tame new pets, terrestrial and amphibious - bears, moa, spiders, sharks and many more. Some of them can only accompany Ranger on the ground, some only in the water, but there are type which can fight in both environments.



Rangers have two slots for terrestrial pets and two for aquatic pets. Rangers can always switch pets, only if the first pet did not die earlier. All pets belong to 12 families. Every family has 3 skills which pet uses on his own. Moreover, every pet has his own unique skill that is controled by the Ranger.

Controling Pets

Ranger can control pets by setting a passive position (this is when a pet goes by the Ranger and does not attack anyone) and active position (this is when a pet automatically attacks an enemy when Ranger starts fighting). Moreover, Ranger can order his pet to attack a particular foe. If a pet dies in battle, it returns to Ranger and waits until he is revived.

Weapon and Armor

Ranger is a Adventurer, and he wears medium armor.

Ranger can use two weapon sets in combat. He may take:


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