Fire, Air, Earth and Water. I can deal death with any of them.

Elementalists are multi-faceted spellcasters that channel elemental forces, making fire, air, earth, and water do their bidding. What they lack in physical toughness, they make up in versatility and the ability to inflict massive damage in a single attack.

When the situation in battle changes, Elementalist does not take another weapon, but attunes to the powers of another element. When Elementalist uses one of the four elements, he receives passive positive bonuses.

When turning to the powers of Fire, Elementalist can incinerate his enemies, burn the ground or bring down melting stones on them. Why killing the enemies one by one when you can destroy them all at once? When turning to the Fire, Elementalist deals Fire damage to everyone, who is stupid enough to be close to him.

When turning to the powers of Air, Elementalist can cast wind and lightning on the enemy dealing a vast amount of damage. Bolts of lightning and flash of bright light fly off tips of his fingers blinding the foes. When Elementalist switches to the power of Air, he brings lightning storm on his opponents nearby.

The power of water is better for controling the enemy's movement, then dealing damage. By creating a slippery ice on the groud or even turning his foes into the blocks of ice, Water Elementalist makes the battle going the way he want to. Allies regenerate their heals constantly while being near to the Water Elementalist.

During the most dangerous situations Elementalist turns to the power of Earth. With this Element he can use the soil under his foot to defend himself and his allies - turning flash into stone, knocking the enemies down with seismic shocks and destroying foes with Volcano eruptions. The power of Earth provides Elementalist with extra defense.


Elementalist can attune to the power of four Elements. Those powers are represented by the four skills above the skill bar. When Elementalist switches betweet the elements, his first five skills change. Those five skills depend on the Attunement and the weapon the Elementalist is currently using. Thus, an Elementalist, who is attuned to Fire and uses a staff, will have different skill to the one who uses a dagger and a focus. In addition to changing the weapon skills attunements provide Elementalist with passive bosunes.

Weapon and Armor

Elementalist is a Scolar, and he wears light armor.

Elementalist can use only one weapon set in combat. He may take:


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