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Jan 7, 2014

Gw2Skills.Net in FrenchProject News

We are pleased to announce that now our website is fully available in French. We welcome the French-speaking fans of Guild Wars 2 and look forward to their assistance in the future development and improvement of our site. Come to us, stay with us and recommend us to your friends who play Guild Wars 2.

We thank Bastien Corvaisier (Hexalight) for his hard work in preparing the French translation of our website.

Nov 19, 2013

Version 3.6 of Build EditorProject News

Version 3.6 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Facts in skill description now depend on selected Traits
  • Section “Current Effects” now contains effects from modified skills facts and from Traits own effects
  • Added “Copy” button for Back item in “Armor” tab
  • Added common skills Antitoxin Spray and Summon Mistfire Wolf for PvE and WvW modes
  • Added runes Superior Rune of the Sunless and Superior Rune of Antitoxin for PvE and WvW modes
  • Fixed bug with incorrect icons for Knockdown and Knockback effects in section “Current Effects”
  • Sigil of Bursting now has effect on attribute Condition Damage (Malice) instead of influence on condition damage itself

Oct 31, 2013

Version 3.5 of Build EditorProject News

Version 3.5 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Data format has been changed to decrease traffic and volume of storage data. Please check that you’ve loaded version 3.5 before you’ll start to work with Build Editor
  • Added facts to trait descriptions
  • List of trinkets of Ascended rarity has been extended
  • Fixed bug with double calculation of effect from same sigils in single weapon set
  • Fixed bug with incorrect calculation of condition damage when Sigil of Bursting is equipped

Oct 15, 2013

Changes in the system of description of skills and traitsProject News

Due to the significant changes introduces by ArenaNet into the structure of descriptions of traits and skills, the data on the actual game balance will be available on our website after the release of version 3.4 of Build Editor. The estimated release date is Monday, October 21. Follow the news on our site.

Jun 29, 2013

Skill balance update and version 3.2 of Build EditorProject News

New skill balance (June 25, 2013) has been uploaded to our site. Full list of changes you can find at official Guild Wars 2 Forum.

Version 3.2 of Build Editor has been released to allow for latest in-game data and mechanics. List of changes and fixes:

  • New condition Torment has been added.
  • Necromancer has now 5 skill slots in Death Shroud mode.
  • Damage of some slot and special skills is affected now by equipped weapons.
  • Fixed several bugs with Traits influence at character attributes when traits conditions include equipped weapons.

May 13, 2013

Version 3.1 of Build EditorProject News

Version 3.1 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Added section "Buffs" into "Armor" tab. Here you can add foods, oils, sharpen stones and crystals into your build.
  • Added selector for stacks of Might and effects from equipped Sigils. Character attributes will be calculated based on selected number of stacks. This stacks number will not be saved into "Quick link" template code.
  • Character attributes now depend on traits, that use number of signets or minions in your build.
  • Damage calculation in skills tooltips now correctly considers Runes effects for damage.
  • Section "Trinkets" in "Armor" tab has been enlarged with "Copy" buttons for trinkets style (except Back) and upgrades.
  • Now you can autospend Trait points in "Traits" tab simply by clicking on wanted Trait (if you have enough unspent Trait points).
  • Fixed bug with wrong calculation of character attributes based on another attributes.

Apr 23, 2013

Version 3.0 of Build Editor – now with PvE and WvW modesProject News

Version 3.0 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • PvE and WvW modes have been added. In these modes you can choose weapons, armors, runes, sigils and jewels of Exotic rarity, trinkets of Ascended and Exotic rarity, gemstones and crests of Rare rarity and infusions of Fine rarity.
  • Attributes Magic Find and Agony Resistance have been added to display in PvE and WvW modes.
  • Racial skills now are blocked in PvP-mode.
  • Added support of difference between PvP, PvE and WvW versions of skills, traits and conditions.
  • All previously created builds will be automatically displayed in PvP or PvE mode depending on used racial skills or PvP-only upgrades and items.
  • Added Reset buttons to clear single trait line in Traits tab or single section in Armor tab.
  • Changed interface for choosing armor, weapons and upgrades in Armor tab.
  • Fixed calculation of some runes effects.
  • Fixed bug with displaying effects summary after load quick link.
  • Target level style has been changed.
  • Delimiter symbol for template codes in quick links has been changed for compatibility with official Guild Wars 2 forum.

All previously created quick links are still valid. Use new version of our Editor and do not forget to report bugs.

Apr 1, 2013

Version 2.10 of Build EditorProject News

Version 2.10 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Character attributes now include all active and passive effects of equipped skills.
  • Damage in skills descriptions now based on character attributes, traits effects and level of selected target.
  • Added selector for target's level needed for damage calculation. You may switch between light, medium and heavy armored targets.
  • Healing amount in skills descriptions now based on character attributes.
  • Ranges and radiuses of effects in skills descriptions now based on currently equipped traits.

Mar 13, 2013

Version 2.9 of Build EditorProject News

Version 2.9 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Added full display of character's attributes.
  • Condition damage is calculated now for a integer number of seconds. Also updated the rule for rounding seconds to integer numbers.
  • Fixed bug with calculation of effects for Rune of Divinity.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs with displaying statistics of skills.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect check Webstorage object for Internet Explorer.

Mar 5, 2013

Updated skill's data on the siteProject News

After some time of inactivity our site is up to date again with actual balance of skills in Guild Wars 2. All descriptions of skills and traits verified and match their in-game PvP-versions as of 02/26/2013. Thank you all for your bug reports and expressed wishes - we'll try to realise them in a next version of our editor.

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