Site has been updated to 2017/05/16 in-game balance

May 22, 2017Project News

Current version of in-game skill balance has been uploaded into our site database.


PMay 22, 2017 06:14:10
Thank you for the quick update. Very nice.
ehajgboMay 22, 2017 10:50:00
Can you please add the new utility consumables as well (Magnanimous)?
AnonMay 31, 2017 13:48:12
All Infusion types can go on all prices now offensive on armour for example and amulet can only take enrichment infusions like karma and rings can take upto 3 infusions and back peice upto 2 could this be added ?
CinnamonfoxJun 1, 2017 12:03:47
Can you please add also the new rune (Superior Rune of Nature's Bounty) and sigil (Superior Sigil of Bounty)?
bearsageJun 1, 2017 20:49:53
the new potent poison trait isn't adding the extra stack of poison to the other poison traits in teh Deadly Arts traitline.
Infusion FanJun 13, 2017 18:44:47
To add to Anon's comment, could it be possible to add the extra infusion slot you can add to back items and the two extra infusion slots you can add to rings?
RizirikJun 18, 2017 21:29:49
Your toolbelt skills' cooldowns are way off from in-game when traited for elixirs and tools traitline. Cooldowns in-game are significantly higher unfortunately.
ZaidyaJun 22, 2017 10:58:23
can you bring an option for all buffs added through other classes? spotter e.g.
NiyattaJun 24, 2017 21:45:24
Thank you for all the effort you put into maintaining this website.
jaime abolladoJul 2, 2017 20:30:44
will be able to have the elite classes to create your own build in the web? that would be awesome!
Yarr!Jul 9, 2017 01:42:39
can you discription of Ice spike? (ele staff). that one is actually an blast finisher:
Yarr!Jul 9, 2017 01:44:07
Can you fix the discription of Ice Spike? (Ele staff 2 skill in water attunement). It's actually an blast finisher:
Yarr!Jul 9, 2017 01:45:56
Can you fix the discription of Ice Spike? (Ele staff 2 skill in water attunement). It's actually an blast finisher:
Yarr!Jul 9, 2017 01:47:07
oeps, page didnt load. sorry for multi posting x,x

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