Balance update

Dec 4, 2016Project News

After a period of inactivity our site back to the current version of in-game skill balance.


TingleTangleBobDec 4, 2016 17:37:23
Great Work. Thanks alot!
BogyaDec 4, 2016 19:47:15
aw yiss *dance moves*
SweetDec 5, 2016 15:11:06
thank you!
KheyDec 5, 2016 23:37:24
Never lost faith, thanks.
AKBDec 7, 2016 21:03:18
It still seems that the ranger trait "lingering magic" doesn't update in the stats to show the +20% boon duration. It's the 3rd static trait in the Nature Magic trait line.
TarasDec 9, 2016 14:32:39
Thank you! Nice work. :)
Kio J0nnyDec 23, 2016 22:28:25
Any chance of getting the Infused and Attuned slots on rings/backs, updating the infusions to include the Stat variants at +7/+9 and changing the Amulets to be Enhancement slotted rather than Infusion?
JeffDec 24, 2016 09:41:24
Tried to donate to your site, but PayPal wasn't working. Thanks for all your hard work.
Kind StrangerDec 30, 2016 22:19:25
I really like what you've done this site! Keeping it up to date for so long is awesome. The GW2 community really appreciates it. Please update the infusion slots as well, thanks!
AdzekulJan 1, 2017 21:42:05
Love your site. Have you thought about adding extra infusion slots for Infused Back Items and Attuned/Infused Rings? Would make this great resource truly awesome if it could be done.
fokozuynenJan 3, 2017 01:19:46
why you dont make a way such as to be embed to websites...example players have guild websites and want to post builds inside theyr website. Of cours they can copy paste the generated king to build that they create here but this means to many links to post, embeding will be more easy since can be created Lists with the generated links from your build editor.
or better create a login form with a database builds (wich ofc will be saved on aserver and space cost)
Not saying this build editor is not cool after all is the only one XD
MoFeb 28, 2017 01:24:24
So.. game had another balancepatch at Feb. 22th. Is this site going to get updated or left in abyss again for a (long) period?
PeitaFeb 28, 2017 21:25:56
@ Mo after a comment like that I sure hope you donated. Would be selfish to demand something from someone who uses their free time for you to use this tool for free then expect demands to be met.
MoMar 3, 2017 02:09:13
No i haven't @Peita. I do not spend on digital stuff which are in the end temporarily anyway.

And since we're talking about donation, likewise it also would be selfish to ask for donation, and leave the editor dead for over an year. Don't you think? Like the gap between Nov. 6th 2015 and Dec. 4th 2016. Maybe that donation needs to be earned rather then asked hmm? Just saying..

PeitaMar 6, 2017 21:43:14
nothing needs to be earned when he is doing this in good faith. Thinking he/she needs to earn anything is again another selfish act on your part.

I agree you don't need to donate, but don't demand/expect. If you think you can do better then go ahead. no one is stopping you :)
Nicky NickMar 24, 2017 02:18:06
@ Mo
I hope you didn't spend any penny in any of the video game as they are all "digital stuff"...
oh but hey... what about the time you invested in the game? Doesn't count right?

Anyway, great work in this editor. Loving it since day one. It's truly a great tool for the community regardless it's the only or the best. Just playing with the builds here was a lot of fun.

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