Version 3.0 of Build Editor – now with PvE and WvW modes

Version 3.0 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • PvE and WvW modes have been added. In these modes you can choose weapons, armors, runes, sigils and jewels of Exotic rarity, trinkets of Ascended and Exotic rarity, gemstones and crests of Rare rarity and infusions of Fine rarity.
  • Attributes Magic Find and Agony Resistance have been added to display in PvE and WvW modes.
  • Racial skills now are blocked in PvP-mode.
  • Added support of difference between PvP, PvE and WvW versions of skills, traits and conditions.
  • All previously created builds will be automatically displayed in PvP or PvE mode depending on used racial skills or PvP-only upgrades and items.
  • Added Reset buttons to clear single trait line in Traits tab or single section in Armor tab.
  • Changed interface for choosing armor, weapons and upgrades in Armor tab.
  • Fixed calculation of some runes effects.
  • Fixed bug with displaying effects summary after load quick link.
  • Target level style has been changed.
  • Delimiter symbol for template codes in quick links has been changed for compatibility with official Guild Wars 2 forum.

All previously created quick links are still valid. Use new version of our Editor and do not forget to report bugs.


  • Michael I have one bug to report. For some reason, bleeding duration is being increased by the addition of PvE trinkets that do not increase condition duration on their own. This was noted for a thief with shortbow and a warrior with rifle. Adding any ascended trinket increased the bleeding duration with no effect on poison or other conditions. Congratulations on the new content, and keep up the good work!
  • Zen Really nice job ! Congrat' for that amazing works here Maybe in PvE / WvW you can add bonuses from food too in the futur ? Anyway, thanks again for this awesome website
  • Burzum Fantastic job! This is by far the best build editor on the net. It would be the perfect one if you allow us to save and browse builds with a rating system (something like ***codex). Thank you!
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