Version 6.1 of Build Editor and the current in-game balance

Due to the release of the template system in Guild Wars 2 version 6.1 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Now you can upload your build by specifying its chat code in the load menu
  • The quicklinks generation system was supplemented with build chat codes for the game client
  • Added option to copy quicklinks and chat codes of your build to clipboard
  • Copy and delete roll-up menu in the “Equipment” tab was supplemented with an option “Overwrite while copying”
  • “Weapon”, “Armor” and “Accessories” sections in the “Equipment” tab were supplemented with the “Reset upgrades” option
  • Fixed bug with incorrect replacement of Revenant’s utility skills with two selected legends

Also the skill data on the site are updated to the current in-game balance.

We would like to thank ArenaNet staff for their help in preparing this release.


  • Lya Hi, I can't seem to 'Copy Equipment Template' from game to here.. should that work or is it only the build itself that can be copied/pasted? Thank you ~Lya
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