Site has been updated to 2018/11/13 in-game balance

Nov 23, 2018Project News

Current version of in-game skill balance has been uploaded into our site database.


NasbitNov 23, 2018 15:13:05
Still missing new oils:
JustaCommentNov 23, 2018 17:09:48
Also missing:
TripNov 23, 2018 19:02:11
and Soul Pastry
TripNov 23, 2018 19:06:11
Dragon's Revelry Starcake does not give the correct stats (it gives 40 of everything, but also including concentration)'s_Revelry_Starcake
w0tNov 24, 2018 01:23:53
Yup, please add the new chrono buff foods soon!
miniondominusNov 24, 2018 09:35:10
Thanks for updating the build editor!

Looking through it, I noticed this food utility is missing from the selection options: Plate of Beef Rendang
TellyNov 25, 2018 16:30:43
Good job with the build editor.

I saw one error though, for revenant in the Devastation trait line there is a trait called "Notoriety" (2nd row, middle one) which changes Might to give +40 power and +20 condition damage instead of the usual +30/+30.

This is not factored in when I add the might boon, e.g. adding +5 might gets me from 1000 power to 1150 power instead of 1200.

Thanks for all your work!
TobiasJan 11, 2019 15:59:10
some traits still outdated ( war- forceful greatsword, necro- spectral mastery got removed but still here, etc)
DeviJan 13, 2019 19:44:50
@Tobias - yeah the latest (couple?) balance patches haven't been added yet. Hopefully soon - a lot has changed.

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