Version 5.0 of Build Editor – Your Path of Fire

Version 5.0 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Added elite specializations from Guild Wars 2 expansion “Path of Fire”. Now you can use all new specializations: Weaver, Spellbreaker, Soulbeast, Scourge, Firebrand, Deadeye, Holosmith, Mirage and Renegade
  • Added the following special effects: Malice for Deadeye and Kalla's Fervor for Renegade
  • Added 2nd and 3rd infusion slots for ascended rings and 2ns infusion slot for ascended back items
  • Added infusions with +7 and +9 Agony resistance
  • Added new stats combinations for weapons, armor and trinkets of Ascended and Exotic rarity - Marshal, Harrier and Grieving
  • Fixed the calculation algorithm for duration of boons and conditions

All data about damage and healing coefficients for new specializations will be updated after the release of “Path of Fire”.

All previously created quick links are still valid. Please remember to press Ctrl+F5 to be sure you work with the latest version of editor.


  • WrongPost There's room in the world for beer and grandchildren. Get off Turnbull's case.
  • K W U N D E R B A R
  • Warrrr Thank you!! This site is the best!
  • I)ivine_I)ragon I think the Engineer Shield Skills 4 and 5 have their cooldowns off.
  • I)ivine_I)ragon Also, Tools line Toolbelt Cooldown Minor trait is too high.
  • huehue Hi, the Necromancer traits : Traits "furious demise" from Curses (it's a minor traits, the second one) doesn't appear in the "Fury" list of buff with the new spec (aka using 5 from new spec scourge give fury)
  • Necro guy Where are HoT elite necro skills, can't get what's not showing up.
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