Site has been updated to 2017/08/08 in-game balance

Current version of in-game skill balance has been uploaded into our site database. Make sure that you are working with the latest version of build editor (version 4.3.4) for all changes to take effect. Due to work on elite specializations' data from "Path of Fire" expansion, the next update of the balance will be made only after the new version of build editor is released. Follow the news on our website.


  • MArse Thanks for your work. I love this site (as does the Gw2 community, I reckon).
  • Phonebook Thanks so much for all your hard work! This site is invaluable. Are you planning on adding specialisations and talent trees?
  • Monkie Thanks for the hard work, I think your website has become a go-to GW2 character planner. Are you going to apply for an affiliate status so that players can purchase Path of Fire through your link and support the site?
  • Monkie Eh, nevermind, I realized that the banner on the site probably has a hidden referral link despite appearing as a bare purchase website. :)
  • K Amazing, once more, amazing!
  • stand the wall wow already updated. many thanks friend, youre doing awesome work.
  • Phonebook Found the specialisations. Sorry! Honestly, this site has everything you could need!
  • Tsubodai Thank you so much for maintaining this site and all the work you put in. I have donated several times because I appreciate that work, but the last time I had to try 3 times to get the paypal to go though, I'm not sure if that's an issue on their end or yours. Love the site, I use it every day, cheers and thanks again.
  • the angriest mesmer alive HUZZAAAAAAAAAAH
  • Nice Beautiful, nice work and thanks for maintaining this site!
  • Cake Could you perhaps add the PoF elite specs as well? The information is already up and provided on wiki
  • John Thanks for your work. I love this site,but i found that the attributes of sigils are wrong.
  • John Conditions duration of sigisl are wrong.
  • John sorry,i saw the wrong sigils!!
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