Version 4.3 of Build Editor

Version 4.3 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Attributes Expertise and Concentration have been added to character's attributes section
  • Descriptions of attributes Condition Duration and Boon Duration are expanded with list of all conditions and boons that have got increasing of their duration from traits, upgrades and buffs
  • Attributes Agony Resistance and Magic Find are only visible at tabs Specialization and Armor now
  • Added new 4-stats combinations for weapons and armor of Ascended and Exotic rarity, trinkets of Exotic rarity, upgrades of Exotic and Rare rarity - Commander, Crusader, Marauder, Minstrel, Trailblazer, Vigilant, Viper and Wanderer

We also added new runes, sigils and PvP-amulets from Heart of Thorns expansion. Revision of German and French texts for all Heart of Thorns skills and traits will be made during next week.


  • Shuga Thank you I love you <3
  • Tirs Yaaaaay, thank you very much!
  • ArenaSusan The best theorycrafting tool, hands down. Thx!
  • David Thank you, soooooo much! I'll be on this for hours now!
  • Ripkord Thank you very much for your hard work and invested time, i really appreciate it!
  • Khey Omg you're the best, thank you for the hard work.
  • Benjamin Grant Question: How do I set the build editor for a level lower than 80, for work as I level up?
  • Grim There are marauder amulets available also through achievements (ascended), update the amulets please
  • Rad we need the chinese .
  • Dean.7548 When will HoT build upgrade come? :o
  • nate Your work is very much appreciated, I hope you keep it up with the knowledge that you are providing a quality product enjoyed by many.
  • bob you need to update for the patch today just fyi
  • michelle I think this website is dead.
  • Khey Sweet update yesterday/today Kreygasm
  • Brad Williams Is this site still active? Needs to be updated.
  • Fan Is this ever gnna get updated?? alot to update
  • Dusk and Dawn This site should update to the latest patch notes, there is no option for Magi's, Zealots Amulets. Or Assasin's Rings.
  • Twillight This site needs to be update, outdate would love to see the new Wing 2 updates into this. Also Sigil of Concentration is missing!
  • SUNrise no updates still? very saddening, the only editor worth using, being unusable because not updated
  • Karen Thompson This website is done! I guess it is time to move on . . .
  • Karen Thompson UPDATE PLEASE
  • Brian Little Last update November 6, 2015?!? Please update this Build Editor. Thank you.
  • Anthony Green What happened to this website??? I used to come here all the time. Is it going to be updated???
  • guest just bring this site down.. its all old
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