Version 4.2 of Build Editor

Oct 1, 2015Project News

Version 4.2 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Added new elite specializations – Scrapper and Druid
  • Added elite profession icons for elite specializations
  • Added new pets for Ranger - Electric Wyvern, Fire Wyvern, Bristleback and Tiger (with placeholder for F2 skill for the last one)

All data about damage and healing coefficients for new specializations will be updated after BWE-3.


KheyOct 1, 2015 18:43:29
I love you.
inkspill13Oct 2, 2015 05:09:41
You are my hero!
MarcosOct 30, 2015 03:26:13
when will you update the skills and te specializations
AkoniOct 30, 2015 05:52:33
Can you update to the new stats?

TsubodaiNov 1, 2015 16:42:41
Hi guys, thank you very much for making and maintaining this editor, I use it every day. Figured I better make a donation for that use. Hope it's helpful. Thanks again.
OniokamiNov 3, 2015 18:24:15
I was wondering when you might be upgrading to add the new stat combos as well as the new rune/sigils?

Thanks for all you do
GrimNov 3, 2015 19:20:18
Please upgrade to add new stat combos an runes sigils. This is the ONLY build editor worth using, we need you.
DavidNov 4, 2015 00:16:21
Can't wait for the new stat combos so I can start playing around with my characters. I spend hours on this character builder, it's the best!
GenjouNov 4, 2015 20:16:12
Will you have an app?
El TigreNov 5, 2015 17:50:29
Awesome Build Editor, cant wait for the new Stat combinations to be added
ShugaNov 5, 2015 20:53:08
Hello I love y'all and can't wait for the update
Keep doing a great job and I hope I have some money to spare to donate but I really don't so I'm sorry

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