Version 4.0 of Build Editor – Choose the Specialization

Version 4.0 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Added the possibility to use elite specializations. Now you can use the following specializations: Tempest, Reaper, Dragonhunter and Chronomancer
  • Added a new profession – Revenant
  • Function “Show skill action” has been changed – now this action blocks other skills according to in-game behavior of used skill
  • Necromancer’s shroud skills now available upon using “Show skill action” button
  • Downed and drowned skills have been added
  • “Specialization” tab supports preview mode now – you can use three additional slots to preview specializations (these specializations do not affect your build)
  • “Current Effects” section supplemented control effects “Taunt” and “Pull”
  • Changed menu for Ranger’s pets – now all pets are grouped by families
  • Maximum level for condition duration and boon duration bonuses is limited by 100%
  • Slot F2 has been added for Thief – now you can choose a skill stolen from a foe of any profession. This skill is not saved in the quick link code

All previously created quick links are still valid. Please do not remember to press Ctrl+F5 to be sure you work with the latest version of editor.


  • Stacy_X Thank you! I'm excited to theory craft some new builds for the elite specializations! This is my favorite site for GW2 builds, thanks so much for keeping it alive and active!
  • inkspill13 Thank you so much for the continued updates. This is still the best build calculator available anywhere. There are days I spend more time tinkering here than even playing the game! :)
  • Charlie Chilson II Thank you so much for the updates and making this site current, I and my guild really appreciate everything you do :)
  • Mike Thank you so much for the updates but when Revenant Herald elite specialization will be added ?
  • Tony Meyer Hi, first off thanks for this awesome tool!! Wanted to know if you have any plans for an API where one could pull the stats from a saved build? Thanks, Tony
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