Revision of skills and traits data

Jul 21, 2015Project News

During past several days we released some fixes for Build Editor and made a revision of skills and traits data. List of changes:

  • Added icons for traits
  • Renewed the formula for calculation of critical chance
  • Revised damage and healing coefficients for skills and traits according to new stats
  • Bug fixes for some traits influence, mistypes and errors in skills and traits descriptions

Changes for Ranger's pets stats and skills will be made in the next version of editor.

Please do not remember to press Ctrl+F5 to be sure you work with lastest version of editor.


ZodFrostJul 24, 2015 20:22:32
Question: they are introduced into the specializations?
albarinosAug 6, 2015 00:44:58
could it be possible to have the specialisation in a special mode so we can start building on whhat we know ? It will also make easier their integration when they will go live ?

best regards,
kejAug 7, 2015 18:52:09
I have just entered the gear/skills for my thief, the crit chance shows 5% more on your site, ive double checked all the stuff i entered is correct

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