Upcoming update of Build Editor

Jun 30, 2015Project News

Due to a large amount of changes in Guild Wars 2 6/23 patch new version of Build Editor will be released at July, 2. It will include all changes for new specializations and traits system and renewed data of stats and new skills. More detailed revision of all skills data will be made later.


KheyJun 30, 2015 14:44:07
YES! Thanks for your hard work, we've all been waiting for this, the alternatives just can't compare.
PeaceBobJun 30, 2015 20:08:59
I love you guys <3
Wolf MoonstarJun 30, 2015 22:48:18
Awesome! Looking forward to the updated editor. Thank you so much for helping us out.
DevonJul 1, 2015 03:16:01
Hands down favorite build editor, thanks for update
RejoiceJul 1, 2015 03:54:50
The only build editor I'll ever use. Thank you!
JWJul 1, 2015 09:20:23
Awesome news! Hands down the best gw2 editor EVER.
Zeddy-DJul 1, 2015 09:52:16
Thanks, lads!
You provide an amazing service to the community! Keep up the good work!
TibuqJul 1, 2015 12:00:03
thanks so much for doing this! <3
i will donate once im not broke anymore ;D
XinJul 1, 2015 13:37:41
Thanks for the update. Your build editor can't be beat!
UgainJul 1, 2015 19:49:17
Thx alot guys, best build editor
viliJul 1, 2015 21:11:15
thx guy
i love you
Luis SánchezJul 2, 2015 01:22:03
Yay. Thank you so much :D
WantedJul 2, 2015 13:03:58
Ty guys. This is the best build editor. ;)
GeroJul 2, 2015 19:33:35
Just awesome thanks very much for your effort.

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