Version 3.9 of Build Editor

Version 3.9 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Descriptions of effects in the section “Current Effects” have been enlarged by numeric values of damage and healing depending on your current attributes value
  • Effects from runes and sigils are also showed in the section “Current Effects” now
  • Algorithm for calculation of conditions and boons duration has been changed
  • Fixed bug with disappearing of saved underwater skills after loading quick-links
  • The list of available Backs has been enlarged with items of Exotic and Rare rarity

All previously created quick links are still valid. Use new version of our Editor and do not forget to report bugs.


  • cogie102495 Sir where would I can see the autopilot weapons of war nalang sir you pass me the answer Yung autopilot site I'm done downloading please take care to wait I ask po Yung message please email me please Cogie name ...... I turned Good Morning please Sir good day in you please you sir
  • Charles Looking for the Update of Cactus Fruit Salad / Pricky Pear Pie Food type +40% Condition Duration 33% Chance to steal life on Crit +10% Experience
  • Gary I follow build links from GW2 to learn about the various builds that I want to try out. It defaults to German, I click on english language and it defaults to the home page instead of the english version of the build. It never used to be like this, if I clicked a build link from GW2, I was able to view the build in english in the past following another players link. It just isn't usable as a resource now.
  • Mal Desir Same issue as Gary above. Can't use English. Very disappointed as this was the best builder for GW2.
  • TriggerSad May I ask when the Sinister stat-type is going to be added to the website? Also, there were a few new Ascended trinkets using stat-types not available before that were also added with the Feature Patch. I'm wondering when those are going to be added too. I hope they're added at some point, since I love using this website to buildcraft!
  • StickerHappy Any news when the new stuff will be coming in? (new runes and sigils)
  • StickaBush I think that this site is done son.
  • Brent Matthews Too bad, I REALLY liked this site.
  • Khey It's been updated for the latest patches, it's alive and well, still the best thing around.
  • Q Noticed that necro wells can't be used with underwater skillset, but they can be used underwater in-game.
  • DragoTheWise Yo, thanks for keeping this updated. I use this so much! :D
  • Luis Sánchez Will this site be updated for the 6/23 patch? I really love this site.
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