April 15 game update patch and version 3.8 of Build Editor

All changes of game balance made by April 15 update patch have been processed and loaded onto our site. To allow for these changes version 3.8 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Attribute “Critical Damage” [Prowess] has been replaced with attribute Ferocity. List of attributes has been changed in compliance with in-game attribute list
  • Traits system has been changed into 14-points system
  • Added slot for second sigil for two-handed weapons
  • Effects of equal sigils in one weapon set do not stack together anymore
  • “In the water” mode has been blocked for PvP-mode
  • Now you can select only 6-runes set in PvP-mode. All previously created PvP-builds with less than 6 equal runes will be loadable for backward compatibility
  • You cannot select jewel for amulet in PvP-mode anymore
  • Buttons “Delete” and “Copy” have been removed from sections “Armor” and “Accessories” of “Armor” tab in PvP-mode

All previously created quick links are still valid. Use new version of our Editor and do not forget to report bugs.


  • Hultah Hassmore WOOOT Awesome.
  • sirb nice job, but it seems jewels are missing in pve-builds as well?
  • oic bug: couldn't add ruby jewel to exotic backpiece
  • markClark It seems ferocity calculations aren't rounded up, is that a bug for this calculator or is it an intended "feature" to prevent min/maxing?
  • NerdyMike For the Mesmer Class, the Grandmaster Traits: Empowering Mantra's (from the precision line) and Harmonious Mantra's (from the power line) switched places in the April 15th patch, but they forgot to put it in the notes.
  • ITIarathon Null Field without Temporal Enchanter still lasts for 5 seconds, and 7 seconds with it. For Mesmers. There is a weird bug on the PC website version where Crippling Talon's range is 1120 with Off-Hand Training, the phone website version still shows 1200. And the bleed damage are calculated differently with the same condition duration and condition damage stats. For Rangers.
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