Version 3.6 of Build Editor

Version 3.6 of Build Editor has been released. List of changes and fixes:

  • Facts in skill description now depend on selected Traits
  • Section “Current Effects” now contains effects from modified skills facts and from Traits own effects
  • Added “Copy” button for Back item in “Armor” tab
  • Added common skills Antitoxin Spray and Summon Mistfire Wolf for PvE and WvW modes
  • Added runes Superior Rune of the Sunless and Superior Rune of Antitoxin for PvE and WvW modes
  • Fixed bug with incorrect icons for Knockdown and Knockback effects in section “Current Effects”
  • Sigil of Bursting now has effect on attribute Condition Damage (Malice) instead of influence on condition damage itself


  • Zloopp Hello ! I just wanted to say that there is an omission in the buff list. You forgot to add the Dragon's Revelry Starcake. Here is the link to the wiki : By the way thank you for your work, it's amazing ! Keep it up ;)
  • Khenzy Are you going to add infusion slots for ascended armor and weapons any time soon? Best build-editor ever! Thanks for your work!
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