Skill balance update and version 3.2 of Build Editor

New skill balance (June 25, 2013) has been uploaded to our site. Full list of changes you can find at official Guild Wars 2 Forum.

Version 3.2 of Build Editor has been released to allow for latest in-game data and mechanics. List of changes and fixes:

  • New condition Torment has been added.
  • Necromancer has now 5 skill slots in Death Shroud mode.
  • Damage of some slot and special skills is affected now by equipped weapons.
  • Fixed several bugs with Traits influence at character attributes when traits conditions include equipped weapons.


  • Gabriel I posted a link for my guildies to visit your page :) I want to report an issue in the builder: if I change skills to use in the water they are replaced for the build on the ground as well... btw just a minor bug, you're builder works great PS: Anet forgot to post this update in the last game patch: the Guardian trait "Strength in number" now give up to 150 toughness to allies, up from 70.
  • Peter Guys, will you add celestial equipment? If yes, when? I'd love to check out my build for ele :) You're doing great job, keep it that way!
  • Julien Great Job! but quick question: why no possibility to add gemstone in armor ?
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