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MinaorNov 17, 2012 03:30:45
Sure-Footed (3d trait of warrior defense line) makes the hover description bug.
When you choose this trait, you can't see some description anymore when browsing skills icon.
EzzekhielNov 14, 2012 16:54:56
Thief utility signet: Assassin's Signet (active): they changed it from "+150% damage on your next attack" to "+15% on your next 5 attacks". Please update :)
scottyNov 14, 2012 00:32:24
the tooltips aren't showing.
currently using windows 8
StemareNov 12, 2012 17:46:08
This is by far the best build calculator on the net.
If it had a builds database to browse and rate builds it would be the perfect tool.
Anyway, amazing job!
SketchNov 11, 2012 08:50:12
Just wanted to compliment the look and feel of this site. It's far superior to all of the other builders I've seen as far as aesthetics go. Keep up the good work :)
_kimo_Nov 10, 2012 12:48:35
the build calculator for elementalist doesnt include the 2nd set of weapon options
JVNov 9, 2012 16:15:17
Your "hold control to see it in english" has the "Uups! you're already in english"
Uups should be spelt Oops

Hope this helps!
LeenNov 8, 2012 17:58:20

I am wondering if the critcal change is correct. When i try warior and add arms the crit chance goes up but when i selected a trait that should up my precision nothing happens with the crit chance.
Same with utility skill that ups precision nothing happens with crit chance.
ElliithNov 8, 2012 04:33:27
I love the build editor. I have only minor complaints. I do not like how the jewel slot for the accessories only has options for pvp jewels that you can not use outside the mists. Also the space for the sigils is a let down too. I would like to be able to see a more selective view of sigils and jewels.
ButonflyNov 7, 2012 05:11:06
Knights jewels list vitality as a stat when in game its toughness.
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Total Entries: 984


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