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GaryOct 14, 2017 07:52:33
it's showing the wrong numbers, havent checked all the skills but for isntance full Zealot armor & staff etc with the exception of back item,
it's showing the wrong numbers on the skills, the Damage & healing they do that is.

I have the exact same items ingame to compare it with.

Wasn't sure if I was supposed to report this or not but would be nice if it was fixed
KymOct 14, 2017 00:00:59
Karka Potion of toughness is NOT a food item, It's Utility item, and this is the 2nd post ive sent about it, ty
KristianOct 12, 2017 18:13:39
In the Condition Duration Stats
Bleeding and Burning is stucked at 33% and not changing even if i have Expertise stats
checked my Engineer in game, where i have 34.46% Condition Duration - it gives me
67.46% Bleeding and Burning
MikeOct 10, 2017 13:42:33
I noticed that the stats from weapons are not transferring to totals of bonus when you select them.
KlocknovOct 8, 2017 08:57:32
I noticed that the Condi Damage calculation with Vipers and/or Berserker is off.
catOct 7, 2017 05:12:01
% conversion stuff should not be stacking

traits such as Big Boomer (engi explosives trait) should not be converting the power gained from sharpening stone

You need to calculate a "before conversion" variable for each stat. This is BASE + EQUIPMENT (armor+weapons+trinkets+runes, not including any % conversion from the rune) + FOOD (the regular food, not the utility buff i.e. sharpening stone)

Once you have a pre-convert variable, you will use this in EVERY % conversion effect (so they wont compound on each other), and then also add signets, flat stat buffs from traits, might, banners, etc.

Another bug: Renegade and Berserker runes should not be multiplying the Condition Damage stat by 7%/5% (respectively). These runes instead multiply the outgoing DAMAGE of conditions, not the stat itself.
Artemis Thuras.8795Oct 5, 2017 20:33:04
There is a bug between two stat conversion traits on necro/scourge

target the weak ( curses 3rd minor) is giving condi damage from prec as it should. ( 130 with no gear on)

However fell beacon (Scourge first major #2) is then giving 7% of that condi dmg as expertise. Compounded with gear as you have higher precision.

aka fell beacon is converting condi damage gained by target the weak to expertise (where it does not in-game).
JustinOct 5, 2017 06:51:40
frequently, the stats from my main hand weapon will not be factored into the my char's build. I've been messing around with this: and sometimes it just happens and does not change untless I reload the page
BLANK.2695Oct 3, 2017 04:54:09
Me and my squad were versing a big legendary boss in the vermitheater in the desolation and i came in late and barrel rolled into it with my skimmer while everybody was attacking it. Then i got lots of lag while rolling into it and I found myself falling underneath the map.
Zuphix.1073Oct 2, 2017 23:58:44
I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug but would like clarification.

The stats calculations for Utility Food doesn't seem to account for stat infusions. It might be because it's in such small amounts but I don't know which number I should be trusting.

I also tried to find your reddit post to ask there, but I lost it. I do remember seeing one for Path of Fire update.
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Total Entries: 1011


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