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BoredomAddictSep 22, 2017 22:37:14
In the build editor, as a Weaver, for dagger #3 when attuned to Fire/Air, the description for Plasma Burst is the same as for Ashen Blast, which is the dagger #3 when attuned to Fire/Earth. The quick link for the build is
Serial ExperimentsSep 22, 2017 02:48:34
You're missing Superior Rune of Nature's Bounty.
BlueSep 21, 2017 15:00:36
"Sand savant" on the scourge spec grandmaster trait. It sas cooldown reduction but in the UI it shows 33% longer instead of less.

Thank you a lot for keeping us updated here love your guys work!!
Carl johSep 21, 2017 11:54:14
On Scourge when u have Sand Savant Traited it increases the duration of cooldown instead of reducing it.
ZachSep 20, 2017 06:31:15
Malicious Restoration has massive scaling problems lol.
TellunSep 19, 2017 11:07:52
when I select shroud skill recharge reduction the cooldown increases instead of going down.
Marc E.C.Sep 17, 2017 05:45:58
The Rock Gazelle pet for the ranger is a STOUT type pet (for soulbeast), it is currently erroneously set as a FEROCIOUS pet on the GW2skills Build Editor

Also, the Soulbeast Main Hand Dagger skill 3 'Instinctive Engage' has 2 charges with 15s recharge (12s when traited with Ambidexterity trait)
catSep 17, 2017 01:49:07
Rune of the Berserker is multiplying the condition damage stat by 1.05, but this is not how it works in-game. It instead multiplies your outgoing condition damage by 1.05, not the stat itself. (There's a huge difference, as condis have a base damage tacked onto them.)
bora reisliSep 16, 2017 04:45:51
on thief/deadeye page, the malice counter at the top right corner of the page says "3% damage pro stack" i think instead of saying "3% damage per stack" which you might want to correct. i do thank your time
AJSep 15, 2017 08:47:29
Spellbreaker's Winds of Disenchantment radius shows as "36" as opposed to the "360" listed on the wiki.
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Total Entries: 984


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