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AustinAug 4, 2018 06:26:41
The trait Pinnacle of Strength (Might stacks give +10 power) does not seem to apply in the power calculation. This trait is in the strength line on warrior, it's the freebie grandmaster.
jubediAug 3, 2018 12:26:34
Hi! Thanks for the great tool!
I used it for years and nothing else comes close. ^^

Could you implement modifier-calculations?
Like +% outgoing damage (on bleeding/vulnerable etc.), +% outgoing heal effectiveness etc.?
Burak Baran YavuzJul 27, 2018 19:34:48
Awaken the Pain talent of necromancer does not properly work in the calculator.
It has to change might to 40 power and 20 condi damage but it doest not change in the calculator properly.
KrianaJul 23, 2018 00:16:51
Herald has an off by 1 error on spirit boon, it looks currently like ventari gives resistance and glint gives might. (should be regen and protection respectively)

Additionally it's listing protection granted on facet of light as well as infused light - I tested this in game and it seems that protection is only granted on using infused light.

I was a bit in the middle of things, but here are my settings for reference:
LordDaedhelorJul 15, 2018 09:08:54
Howdy! I love this build editor, but I request that you add a toggle to show additional effects such as Fury, Vigor, Spotter, Empower Allies, Banners, and any other statistic additions some classes receive due to having these bonuses on them (such as Mirage with Vigor, Guardian with Retaliation, and Warrior with Banners and the Discipline Traitline). I also request a way to show the damage a critical hit would do from an attack.
KiteJul 14, 2018 20:49:47

I'd like to ask if you could add Holographic Super Cheese (

Thank you.
D NybergJul 8, 2018 05:17:09
In Ele water trait line, soothing mist displays the same healing whether or not soothing power (grandmaster trait) is selected; is that intended? Thanks!
Robert GJul 8, 2018 00:56:31
Runes of the Renegade and Berserker were changed in a patch a couple months ago to multiply the final condition damage done, similar to how +% damage is handled. Currently gw2skills has them adding to the condition damage stat, which is no longer how they work.
Cursed TouchJul 6, 2018 23:53:27
The signet of vampirism buffed with the trait misleading in the editor I can get it to 800 easy when its about 600 in game.
JesseJul 2, 2018 17:41:26
Missing stats “plague doctor”
Vitality,condition dmg -> main stats
Concentration, healing power -> secondary stats
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Total Entries: 1079


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