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BarryApr 15, 2018 11:54:07
The Revenant trait Versed in Stone only converts 4% of toughness to power. It should be 13%
asdfApr 13, 2018 23:53:01
Necromancer > Spite > Master Trait, Awaken the Pain

Does not work correctly for Power and Condition Damage numbers when looking at might sources and adding might to build
Costel PopaApr 12, 2018 18:54:48
To who ever i whisper, they can't reply me back. Also when they look at my activity they see my offline
NööxApr 10, 2018 12:36:44
Hello, i just wanna ask, i dont know if its a bug, but is it possible when im on build editor with my phone to see traits description? I can see trait lines names when i click them, but when im choosing each trait, its without description so its impossible make build on phone. I dont know if its a known thing, just sometimes i would like to kill time on phone and trying setup builds. I can see description of race, class, game mode, skills and utilities, armors, weapons, sigils, runes, upgrades just cant see description of minor and major traits. Thank you for your answer and hope im not bothering you :-)
SadrienApr 3, 2018 04:42:42
No bug: This is a proposition of sorts I guess. I would be happy to do what I can to help contribute to your project (adding functionality as a rotation calculator for example) if you are open to such an idea. Thanks - Sadrien.
LordDaedhelorApr 1, 2018 06:37:12
Howdy! I love this build editor, but I request that you add a toggle to show additional effects such as Fury, Vigor, Spotter, Empower Allies, and Banners as well as the extra statistic additions some classes receive due to having these bonuses on them (such as Mirage with Vigor, Guardian with Retaliation, and Warrior with Banners and the Discipline Traitline). I also request a way to show the damage a critical hit would do from an attack.
JasonMar 18, 2018 02:05:28

To start off, I truly thank you for all your hard work on making this site and how it has enable me to theorycraft to the next level without having to spend gold or materials to test ideas. It seems that there is an inconsistency with the attributes shown on gw2 and on this site. Somehow, the site is showing the certain gear set to having 10% more critical chance damage and 60 more points into ferocity when compared to the actual stats in guild wars 2.
Attached below are a few pictures showing the inconsistency that I saw from the site and game. P.S. I didn't include pictures of the gear from game because that would be 14 pictures total for each piece of gear and I didn't want to take that many pictures to spam you with it so you will have to just trust me that I checked and double-checked to make sure every single piece of gear were the same. :)

Stats from build from site:

Gear Set from build from site:

Stats from the exact same gear quality and stat from game:
TOOK14Mar 17, 2018 20:35:15
It seems someone forgot to add the duration for vigor on "brutal momentum". It's the revenant's elite spec, renegade, third minor trait.
JimMar 7, 2018 10:39:29
Mesmer: having blinding dissipation and ineptitude traits (dueling line) does not show confusion on shatter skills.
JojorneMar 1, 2018 06:18:57
There is no normal fractal infusion in the PvE mode.
So you can't make a build with 200 AR for instance.
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