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KhrulocSep 26, 2017 15:26:03
I cant donate using Paypal.
Do contact me
RokatSep 25, 2017 05:51:43
On the build editor, when taking Dhumfire while you have scourge, it doesn't correctly show that Summoning a sand shade burns targets in the area of the shade. Dummfire correctly shows that it's effecting "Shroud Skill 1" but Shroud Skill 1 is now Summon Sand Shade.
albarinosSep 25, 2017 04:40:49
reaper got changed:

Reaper's Onslaught: Increased bonus ferocity while in Reaper's Shroud from 225 to 300 at level 80. This trait no longer reduces the recharge of shroud skills on kill but instead reduces the recharge of shroud skills by 1 second if Life Reap hits. This recharge reduction can only occur once per use of Life Reap.

Cold Shoulder: This trait no longer reduces incoming damage from chilled foes. It now increases outgoing strike damage by 10% to chilled foes.

thanks ! :)

Ivanyeil EmmixertSep 23, 2017 23:28:11
The toolbelts skills of the Engineer are missing when you visit a copied link, they appear when you build it, but once you use the link, they disappear.
Ivanyeil EmmixertSep 23, 2017 23:23:03
The toolbelt skills of the Engineer are missing, they disappeared.
BoredomAddictSep 22, 2017 22:37:14
In the build editor, as a Weaver, for dagger #3 when attuned to Fire/Air, the description for Plasma Burst is the same as for Ashen Blast, which is the dagger #3 when attuned to Fire/Earth. The quick link for the build is
Serial ExperimentsSep 22, 2017 02:48:34
You're missing Superior Rune of Nature's Bounty.
BlueSep 21, 2017 15:00:36
"Sand savant" on the scourge spec grandmaster trait. It sas cooldown reduction but in the UI it shows 33% longer instead of less.

Thank you a lot for keeping us updated here love your guys work!!
Carl johSep 21, 2017 11:54:14
On Scourge when u have Sand Savant Traited it increases the duration of cooldown instead of reducing it.
ZachSep 20, 2017 06:31:15
Malicious Restoration has massive scaling problems lol.
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Total Entries: 989


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