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David WellsJun 7, 2018 16:32:32
In game, Berserker "King Of Fires" adds 33% to burning duration, whereas the for build editor it seems to be multiplying burning by 1.33
David WellsJun 7, 2018 15:40:27
Exotic back doesn't have the option for crafted exotic. Mine in game is "Rampager's Elegent Jeweler's Backpack of Coral", with prec=18, cond=32, power=18, and it's coral jewel has stats prec=18, cond=12, power=12. In addition, it has an infusion slot, which the dropped exotic backs don't have.
biofrog.1568Jun 5, 2018 10:56:00
When using Necromancer trait Awaken the Pain and applying Might stacks, the original 30 Power/30 Condition damage is used and not the 40 Power/20 Condition damage as applied via the trait.

juan manuelMay 30, 2018 15:48:29
Not spanish languaje, I offer myself as a member of this project for the Spanish translation help of gw2skill editor.

Yes i,m spanish ;)
Anonymous MesmerMay 22, 2018 02:51:09
Could you please add Red Lentil and Flatbread Feast to the food buff options
pclMay 21, 2018 02:26:13
There is no Bringer's stat (expertise/Pre/Vit)
Vingam SecurisMay 9, 2018 21:07:15
When adding Might, the Might increases values that convert a percent of either Condition Damage or Power into another-- instead of being an effect value.
Rei HinoMay 3, 2018 03:51:15
Not really but as a issue request. What stat combinations that are craft only Ect Like Nomads or things that can't be bought from the trading post.
Markus RissanenMay 2, 2018 15:32:40
The necromancer spite traitline master trait "Awaken the Pain" doesn't change the values for power & condition damage gained from might.
TheQuickFoxMay 2, 2018 04:06:19
Wonderful service. Very well-made!
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Total Entries: 1064


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