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Eric YangJul 20, 2017 13:56:19
I cant find "Superior Sigil of Bounty"

Superior Sigil of Bounty
Gain a charge of +9 concentration each time you kill a foe, or +5 if you kill an enemy player. (Max 25 stacks; ends on down.)
VisdraJul 20, 2017 01:07:37
Infusions on armor and weapons are out of date.
UserJul 17, 2017 15:36:49
English description of the Necromancer's Plaguelands skill has a typo - 'Funal Pulse' instead of 'Final Pulse'.
SamugJul 15, 2017 18:00:45
Cannot change the number of stacks when Sigil of Benevolence is equipped.
Romael ROshanJun 25, 2017 15:54:07
Hi there, i am unsure if this is a issue with the build editor/calculator or the game itself but, I have noticed that on the editor (PVP module) it rightfully decreases condition damage if I swap Rabid Amulet for a Viper's amulet (i.e swap 1200 condition damage for a 1050/560 (condition damage/condition duration) split However, in game when i swap for vipers that condition damage actually increases when I look at the figures on my skills. Could this be checked out , thanks!
SephylonJun 18, 2017 23:30:39
Plague lands reads "Funal Pulse" instead of Final Pulse
WhitefangJun 16, 2017 23:31:40
In this build:
description of "Reaper's Mark" should include bleeding ("Deathly Chill" trait) and the same goes for "Reaper's Shroud" skill 3 "Terrify".
tsmsJun 13, 2017 12:41:11
Hi there,

According to this build:

It's not possible to set (but possible in game):
* defensive infusions to ascended weapons (ex: stuff + healing wvw inf.)
* offensive infusions to ascended armor (ex: mighty wvw inf.)

* ascended amulets can be equipped now only with enrichment stuff like karma, mf etc. but not with regular infusions (might, vitality etc.)
* ascended rings have up to 3 infused slots (infused + attuned variants)
* ascended back items have up to 2 infused slots (infused variants)

Hope it helps make this site more great <3
Evan WimberlyJun 3, 2017 10:44:27
Nothing big, just on plaguelands instead of 'final pulse' its 'funal pulse'. Thanks for the site its great
kirkMay 25, 2017 06:20:05
using the build editor THEIF Daredevil I;m not getting matching CritChance numbers in the game versus the builder. so you know my traits, DA 2-3-3, CS 3-2-3, DD 1-3-3 ALL ZERK exotic armor,ascended weps & ascended trinkets, 5 mesmer runes, 1 strength rune, Staff Force&Air with (2) +5 PREC, Pistol/Pistol Force&Air with (2) +5 PREC. with staff as active weapon your PWR 2741 my PWR 2742, your PREC 2234 my PREC 2234 (yours 67.76% my 62.76% that's a 5% difference), your FERO 1167@227.8% my FERO 1149@226.6%. just passing it on, I can swap armor or something to get the correct crit chance but wanted to let you know I think its calculator is off.
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Total Entries: 930


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