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SadrienSep 15, 2018 09:28:14
displayed damage per tick of condi does not change with might, even though might increases your condition damage.
Alex FergusonSep 11, 2018 17:35:11
Website needs an update for the latest balance patch, specifically for all the major herald reworks.
DuallizerSep 11, 2018 12:08:31
Hello, when can we expect build editor update for the last balance patch?
ismaelSep 5, 2018 15:16:08
the Major Adept "Forceful percistence" of invocation traits of revnant still apears when it was replaced for "Rising Tide" in last patch.
Victor SunburnSep 4, 2018 15:05:46
New traits!
JeremySep 3, 2018 00:32:29
I'm not reporting an error. Rather, I have been working on what you might call a fan edit for the GW2 Warrior Profession as well as some core game changes for quite some time and I was wondering if there is any way I could get a copy of this website that is alterable. This way, when I link it on the forums, people aren't instantly turned off by the walls of text. I apologize if this is not the way I was supposed to reach you, but I couldn't find any "Contact us" button.
Skritt kissedAug 26, 2018 21:29:25
Love the site, you guys should accept cryptocurrency donations ;3
KennethAug 25, 2018 22:51:50
I notice that the site is a bit out of the date.
The new features of Path of Fire isn't added.
D NybergAug 18, 2018 20:25:58
Could you show healing effect of weapon strikes (when they proc) when water sigil is equipped? Maybe of sigil of renewal too? Thanks!
SehferAug 17, 2018 14:12:00
Bewildering Ambush Trickery trait: if I select this trait the system do not consider the confusion applied with Steal, so basically the trait is "ignored" by the system.
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Total Entries: 1079


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