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Vingam SecurisMay 9, 2018 21:07:15
When adding Might, the Might increases values that convert a percent of either Condition Damage or Power into another-- instead of being an effect value.
Rei HinoMay 3, 2018 03:51:15
Not really but as a issue request. What stat combinations that are craft only Ect Like Nomads or things that can't be bought from the trading post.
Markus RissanenMay 2, 2018 15:32:40
The necromancer spite traitline master trait "Awaken the Pain" doesn't change the values for power & condition damage gained from might.
TheQuickFoxMay 2, 2018 04:06:19
Wonderful service. Very well-made!
ph8NdSTnEMay 1, 2018 14:14:26
In game, the weaver's Master's Fortitude trait doesn't take into account the power and condition damage gained from might stacks. It also doesn't consider the power gained from Elemental Polyphony trait. These need to be fixed on the build editor, and I don't know if the power/condition damage gained from other sources are supposed to be calculated into this trait. Can you guys verify if utilities/food/bloodlust sigil/runes affect Master's Fortitude trait? And this gap between the build editor and the game leads me to wonder if there are errors for utilities also. I think thorough experimenting is required to verify the inconsistencies above.
Luke ZhuangApr 28, 2018 05:44:03
In pve mode, the minor master trait "Healing Ripple" from water line of elementalist scales 50%(pvp only) healing power instead of 100%(if i am not mistaken). Thanks!
JoeApr 24, 2018 23:41:48
Concentration Calculation of Magnanimous Maintenance Oil is different from the actual one in-game, it seems like it calculates the 3% values, then adds them, and rounds AFTER, while the game calculates the 3% values, THEN rounds them, and adds them after rounding. Because of this concentration values often differ from the ones in-game by 1 point.
guestApr 23, 2018 12:32:25
Ferocity for weaver is bugged, you should not include the power from traits and might when computing the 14% ferocity bonus.
SnowyApr 20, 2018 16:34:30
no Giver Ring ?

since living word 4 up, Giver Ring was up!
IsaacApr 20, 2018 04:25:39
Necromancer - "Spite" Specialization - "Awaken The Pain"

The builder does not properly count this trait.

25 stacks of Might should give 750 Power and 750 Condition Damage normally, and it does.

With Awaken the Pain, 25 stacks of Might should give 1000 Power and 500 Condition Damage, but it does not - it still gives 750 of each.
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Total Entries: 1049


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