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JuozasAug 17, 2017 09:44:24
The total condition duration calculations are not correct.
I noticed that the condition duration of a skill will not go above 2x its original duration. This is not correct, since the increase of condition duration from TRAITS does not have a cap of 100% increase, so if, lets say, i increase a skills base condition duration by 50% from traits, and then on top of that i have 100% condition duration increase from armor/food etc. that skill would have a total of 300% condition duration from the base duration. This is also explained here:

So to recap: trait modifiers to the apparent duration stack multiplicatively with Condition Duration. Thus, for example, with 100% Condition Duration and a +50% duration increase from traits, the affected outgoing condition will have 300% of the original (unadjusted) base duration.

I found this bug on engineer's pistol skill 4. It will not go above 10s duration no matter what i equip and trait.
LoreChiefAug 17, 2017 03:00:37
Expertise is not increasing condition duration. Right now I have +53% Burning/Bleeding due to +33% traits and +20% sigils, but when I increase Expertise, it does not show increased durations, still just 53%.

Jean-Cedric HuetAug 16, 2017 16:13:36
The description for the devastation trait line for revenant has an empty bullet point.
TerreAug 15, 2017 19:00:32

Skirmishing Traitline

Grandmaster "Vicious Quarry" and Major "Hunters Tactics"

Does not provide both 10% critchance and 250 ferocity at right side statistics window.

Or add Fury buff enable/disable button, like Might stacks and "Flanked" target swither.
Maxim aka WarotrixAug 15, 2017 15:03:59

are you planning on updating ur build editor?
if there is some way i could help let me know i would kinda like know how this is done and feel helpfull if it would help the community!

thx for making this tool in the first place :)
JimAug 15, 2017 03:09:11
Condition food/utilities still hasn't been updated.
Edward KaraschAug 12, 2017 16:16:32
Hidden Flask has it's swiftness duration matching might at 36 seconds (30 base, 6 bonus). It should have a duration of 12 seconds (10 base, 2 bonus).
Rei HinoAug 5, 2017 02:23:31
the PVE Infusions variants only have a + 4 not + 5 healing/power/toughness/vitality/precision/condition Fractals and wvw have the +5 variant so a full set of armer trinkets would off set the stats by 12 points 6 armor and 6 accessory slots 12 * 5 vs 12 * 4.
NiyattaJul 30, 2017 08:45:44
In game when the Dragonhunter and Virtues traitlines are selected, the trait Indomitable Courage causes the virtue Shield of Courage to give stability, however the editor shows Shield of Courage not giving stability.
Corey C.Jul 23, 2017 01:27:27
The infusion system has been greatly simplified for a while now:

Features specifically missing from the builder:

We should be able to put any infusion in any infusion slot. Cannot currently put WvW infusions in a weapon in the builder, for example.

It's possible to get rings with 1, 2, or 3 infusion slots now.
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Total Entries: 930


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