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JojorneMar 1, 2018 06:18:57
There is no normal fractal infusion in the PvE mode.
So you can't make a build with 200 AR for instance.
KheraeFeb 24, 2018 08:28:23
Thief - Signet of Agility and Practiced Tolerance
The editor updates ferocity as if the former factored into the latter, but ingame, this is not the case, leading to inaccurate ferocity values.
SinnEaterFeb 16, 2018 18:33:15
I really love your site, you are doing great work!!! I use it always before trying a new build ingame. Keep the good work :)
KheraeFeb 11, 2018 08:12:05
No way to turn off traits that are conditional based on health (IE thief's keen observer in critical strikes. which is 5% crit chance only when over 90% health)
Given that the trait doesn't affect the character sheet ingame, I didn't expect it to show here, which completely threw off my build.
CasperFeb 8, 2018 17:36:02
The effect of Superior rune of the Renegade / Berserker increase 7% / 5% condition damage, but in game they don't increase the number of condition damage in Attribute in Hero Panel, is it bug or something else? The Build-Editor counts the effects of these runes made difference between editor and game.

Thank you in advance.
CyrinFeb 6, 2018 03:47:25
I really love this site and builder you've created. It's the best one and the only one I use. I can theorize builds away from the game and the detail in everything is great. Thank you for this. I gladly donated a little.
TomJan 28, 2018 15:24:32
The necromancer skill bar didn't show how much the minions drain when vampiric presence from the blood trait is selected.
GeraJan 26, 2018 02:24:13
The icons for the toughness stat combinations nomad's and cavalier seem to be swapped.
NocturnalLunacyJan 22, 2018 10:31:27
The Superior Runes of the Pack listed on this site are incorrect. The correct numbers are as follows
1. +25 Power
2. +10% Swiftness Duration
3. +50 Power
4. 25% chance when struck to grant nearby allies might, fury, and swiftness for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 30s)
5. +100 Power
6. +20% Swiftness Duration; +125 Precision

Also, that background of the captcha is way too bright can't read letters.
SantiagoJan 18, 2018 10:02:43
Hi! Berserker stance on warrior (pvp) in the page has 60'' cd, while on game has 30'' cd.
Great page, thanks for all the work! ^^
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Total Entries: 1030


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