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JeremySep 3, 2018 00:32:29
I'm not reporting an error. Rather, I have been working on what you might call a fan edit for the GW2 Warrior Profession as well as some core game changes for quite some time and I was wondering if there is any way I could get a copy of this website that is alterable. This way, when I link it on the forums, people aren't instantly turned off by the walls of text. I apologize if this is not the way I was supposed to reach you, but I couldn't find any "Contact us" button.
Skritt kissedAug 26, 2018 21:29:25
Love the site, you guys should accept cryptocurrency donations ;3
KennethAug 25, 2018 22:51:50
I notice that the site is a bit out of the date.
The new features of Path of Fire isn't added.
D NybergAug 18, 2018 20:25:58
Could you show healing effect of weapon strikes (when they proc) when water sigil is equipped? Maybe of sigil of renewal too? Thanks!
SehferAug 17, 2018 14:12:00
Bewildering Ambush Trickery trait: if I select this trait the system do not consider the confusion applied with Steal, so basically the trait is "ignored" by the system.
AustinAug 4, 2018 06:26:41
The trait Pinnacle of Strength (Might stacks give +10 power) does not seem to apply in the power calculation. This trait is in the strength line on warrior, it's the freebie grandmaster.
jubediAug 3, 2018 12:26:34
Hi! Thanks for the great tool!
I used it for years and nothing else comes close. ^^

Could you implement modifier-calculations?
Like +% outgoing damage (on bleeding/vulnerable etc.), +% outgoing heal effectiveness etc.?
Burak Baran YavuzJul 27, 2018 19:34:48
Awaken the Pain talent of necromancer does not properly work in the calculator.
It has to change might to 40 power and 20 condi damage but it doest not change in the calculator properly.
KrianaJul 23, 2018 00:16:51
Herald has an off by 1 error on spirit boon, it looks currently like ventari gives resistance and glint gives might. (should be regen and protection respectively)

Additionally it's listing protection granted on facet of light as well as infused light - I tested this in game and it seems that protection is only granted on using infused light.

I was a bit in the middle of things, but here are my settings for reference:
LordDaedhelorJul 15, 2018 09:08:54
Howdy! I love this build editor, but I request that you add a toggle to show additional effects such as Fury, Vigor, Spotter, Empower Allies, Banners, and any other statistic additions some classes receive due to having these bonuses on them (such as Mirage with Vigor, Guardian with Retaliation, and Warrior with Banners and the Discipline Traitline). I also request a way to show the damage a critical hit would do from an attack.
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Total Entries: 1064


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