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DamianAug 31, 2017 05:57:28
Please ignore my previous bug report below. It was my misunderstanding. I think I wasn't using the editor correctly. Runes do seem to be factoring in to the stats.
DamianAug 31, 2017 02:11:35
Hi, I've started using your build editor recently (thank you) but it seems like runes aren't factored into the stats displayed on the right in the armour tab. I've added six superior runes of the eagle to my build, but they've not increased the precision at all. I understand that some rune powers would be impossible to demonstrate (e.g. things that happen on heal) but for base attributes like +100 precision, surely that should be reflected in your stats when you add the rune?
Ivo BoonAug 26, 2017 17:49:42
I think there is an issue with stat rounding. Check out this build:

from the oil you will get 76.5 concentration, I assume your website rounds this up to 77, but in game this will actually result in 76 concentration from what I'm seeing.

Please let me know whether or not I'm right or wrong.
BradyAug 24, 2017 22:31:22
Flanking strike under thief Sword+Dagger has an abnormally high damage in the skill description.
OzbrikkAug 24, 2017 21:39:01
I noticed the Guardian trait "Absolute Resolution" [Virtues Master] doesn't affect the "Wings of Resolve" tooltip on Dragonhunter (if it is meant to)
DaveAug 24, 2017 19:06:17
When are you going to add the new elite specs?

All the information for them has been leaked and can be found on the guild wars 2 wiki
ParkerAug 23, 2017 10:12:25
Flanking strike on thief sword/dagger damage is wrong. It says the damage is in the hundred thousands.
Random CommentAug 23, 2017 02:34:10
Apparently Flanking Strike does 6 digits of damage o_o
gio87vrAug 19, 2017 20:39:07
Hi, I wanted to ask if you'll add the new PoF elite specializations in the builder.
orochiAug 17, 2017 20:21:31
The condi duration calculation is wrong because doesn't calcuate the specializations such as Berserker's wounding precision.
Hope fix it soon.
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Total Entries: 930


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