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BerkerJan 15, 2019 03:03:10
hello. please add diviner stats to pve-wvw.
potatoJan 14, 2019 20:46:37
when's the update for latest patches?
PepperJan 10, 2019 03:27:12
You don't list Soul Pastry Power and Concentration

I have to wonder what else is missing - GW2 help is thin out here these days and Anet couldn't care less about its own game.

That protection code is the most abusive for those of us with medically awful depth perception.
GorillaJan 4, 2019 23:30:45
Missing Food
ajabookDec 27, 2018 00:43:25
when can we expect the new balance patch update on this builder?
dSTnEDec 2, 2018 17:29:17
there needs to be thorough experimenting and clarification on what gets converted into what regarding traits and gears. for example, in game, elemental polyphony on weaver does not count for utilities and master's fortitude.
ChrisDec 1, 2018 11:37:37
There's still meta-buffood missing:

Please add it.
LordDaedhelorNov 30, 2018 08:59:32
Howdy! I love this build editor, but I request that you add a toggle to show additional effects such as Fury, Vigor, Spotter, Empower Allies, and Banners as well as the extra statistic additions some classes receive due to having these bonuses on them (such as Mirage with Vigor, Guardian with Retaliation, and Warrior with Banners and the Discipline Traitline). I also request a way to show the damage a critical hit would do from an attack.

Additionally, Abyssal Chill doesn't have an ICD, but the trait description here says it does.
PurebladeNov 25, 2018 23:39:00
Daredevil staff doesn't show stealth attack.
PotatoNov 22, 2018 23:17:44
Hello, when can we expect an update on latest gw2 patch/balance?
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Total Entries: 1099


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