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UphioJun 28, 2018 07:46:48
Missing stat combination: Plaguedoctor stats were added with the 6/26/18 patch!

It's a 4-stat combination offering major vitality/condi, with minor healing/concentration.
ThisziJun 25, 2018 02:02:11
Viper's Nest (a Ranger Trap) displays one stack of poison per pulse in the editor, but displays and inflicts three per pulse ingame and on the wiki.
Jerry CollinsJun 16, 2018 22:13:37
WHen I go to create a new GW2 build and click on the default editor, there is no option for Mesmer Mirage to use axes @
... but when I search online for other peoples links, there is a build for Mirage @

What am I missing? Is this an old page or is there a new site/link? IS there a button I need to click to show which expansion I have?

ZoltanJun 15, 2018 12:11:08
trap skill have direct damage(thief), but in this builder doesn't show it. I'm about "tripwire" and "Needle Trap" utility skills.

Best regards,
David WellsJun 7, 2018 16:32:32
In game, Berserker "King Of Fires" adds 33% to burning duration, whereas the for build editor it seems to be multiplying burning by 1.33
David WellsJun 7, 2018 15:40:27
Exotic back doesn't have the option for crafted exotic. Mine in game is "Rampager's Elegent Jeweler's Backpack of Coral", with prec=18, cond=32, power=18, and it's coral jewel has stats prec=18, cond=12, power=12. In addition, it has an infusion slot, which the dropped exotic backs don't have.
biofrog.1568Jun 5, 2018 10:56:00
When using Necromancer trait Awaken the Pain and applying Might stacks, the original 30 Power/30 Condition damage is used and not the 40 Power/20 Condition damage as applied via the trait.

juan manuelMay 30, 2018 15:48:29
Not spanish languaje, I offer myself as a member of this project for the Spanish translation help of gw2skill editor.

Yes i,m spanish ;)
Anonymous MesmerMay 22, 2018 02:51:09
Could you please add Red Lentil and Flatbread Feast to the food buff options
pclMay 21, 2018 02:26:13
There is no Bringer's stat (expertise/Pre/Vit)
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Total Entries: 1049


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