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Traits is the way to enhance your character's abilities. Two players with the same profession and the same weapon can be very different, because of different traits. In order to use them you need Trait Points. Starting from the level 11, your character gets 1 Trait Point for every further level. Thus, 80th level character will have 70 Trait Points.

Every profession has 5 unique trait lines, each one relates to 2 character's attributes. Spending Trait Points in a particular line, you enhance the attribute connected to that line. The maximum amount of Trait Points in a line is 30.

Traits affect the following:









Minor and Major Traits

Spending 5, 15 and 25 Trait Point in a line, your character receives a Minor Trait. You cannot change Minor Traits, but they give you a passive bonus, which plays an important role in customising your character.

Spending 10, 20 and 30 Trait Points in a line, you open a slot for a Major Trait. Every trait line has 12 Major Traits. Those traits give substancial bonuses to your characters or can change its skills. You can place one of the first 6 Major Traits in an Adept Slot, one of the first 10 in a Master slot and any of the Major Traits in a Grandmaster slot. Moreover, you can change your Major traits in a line anytime without resetting Trait Points.

Resetting Traits

In order to get access to Traits, you have to use Training Manual: Adept's Training manual at level 11, Master's Training Manual at level 40 and Grandmaster's Training Manual at level 60. Every Training Manual increases the maximum amount of Trait Points a character can spend in a particular line: 10 points for Adept, 20 for Master and 30 for Grandmaster. Everytime you use a Training Manual, you can reset you Trait Points. If you want to reset them at any point of time, you should visit a special NPC and pay a small fee.

In structured PvP you have access to all Traits at once and may reset them with no restrictions.


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