Well, I am sure that in less than three days this balsam would cure you.

Guild Wars 2 developers decided to move away from the canonical role allocation and therefore gave every player the ability to manage its health themselves. There are no more specialised clerics - everybody is a healer. The main support role is now managed by boons, conditions and control effects. Nevertheless, every character has a slot for one healing skill. Usually this skill heals for large amount of player's health, but may also heal nearby allies.

In addition to a healing skill, characters can gain some health by using other skills, but the effects from them are much lower and cannot be compared to a healing skill.

Skills with healing

Signet of AgonySignet of Agony
"Wash the Pain Away!""Wash the Pain Away!"
Arcane BrillianceArcane Brilliance
Cleansing WaveCleansing Wave
Cone of ColdCone of Cold
Crashing WavesCrashing Waves
Ether RenewalEther Renewal
Glyph of Elemental HarmonyGlyph of Elemental Harmony
Glyph of Elemental HarmonyGlyph of Elemental Harmony
Glyph of Elemental HarmonyGlyph of Elemental Harmony
Glyph of Elemental HarmonyGlyph of Elemental Harmony
Glyph of Elemental HarmonyGlyph of Elemental Harmony
Overload WaterOverload Water
Renewal of WaterRenewal of Water
Signet of RestorationSignet of Restoration
Tidal SurgeTidal Surge
Tidal WaveTidal Wave
Water ArrowWater Arrow
Water BlastWater Blast
Water GlobeWater Globe
Water TridentWater Trident
"To the Limit!""To the Limit!"
Blood ReckoningBlood Reckoning
Defiant StanceDefiant Stance
Healing SignetHealing Signet
"We heal as one!""We heal as one!"
Ancestral GraceAncestral Grace
Aqua SurgeAqua Surge
Astral WispAstral Wisp
Cosmic RayCosmic Ray
Glyph of AlignmentGlyph of Alignment
Glyph of RejuvenationGlyph of Rejuvenation
Glyph of RejuvenationGlyph of Rejuvenation
Glyph of UnityGlyph of Unity
Harmonic CryHarmonic Cry
Healing SpringHealing Spring
Lunar ImpactLunar Impact
Rejuvenating TidesRejuvenating Tides
Seed of LifeSeed of Life
Signet of RenewalSignet of Renewal
Solar BeamSolar Beam
Spirit of NatureSpirit of Nature
Sublime ConversionSublime Conversion
Troll UnguentTroll Unguent
Water SpiritWater Spirit
"Your Soul Is Mine!""Your Soul Is Mine!"
Consume ConditionsConsume Conditions
Deadly FeastDeadly Feast
Grim SpecterGrim Specter
Life LeechLife Leech
Life LeechLife Leech
Life SiphonLife Siphon
Signet of the LocustSignet of the Locust
Signet of VampirismSignet of Vampirism
Summon Blood FiendSummon Blood Fiend
Taste of DeathTaste of Death
Well of BloodWell of Blood
"Receive the Light!""Receive the Light!"
Bow of TruthBow of Truth
Detonate Orb of LightDetonate Orb of Light
Faithful StrikeFaithful Strike
Light of JudgmentLight of Judgment
Litany of WrathLitany of Wrath
Merciful InterventionMerciful Intervention
Orb of LightOrb of Light
Renewing CurrentRenewing Current
Shield of AbsorptionShield of Absorption
Signet of CourageSignet of Courage
Signet of ResolveSignet of Resolve
Symbol of JudgmentSymbol of Judgment
Virtue of ResolveVirtue of Resolve


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