Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necesary to a worthwhile achievement.

In Guild Wars 2 death is another way to experience something interesting. The process of death is extended into two stages.

When your character's health reaches zero, it does not die, but goes into downed mode (or drowing mode if the players is in the water). In this mode you are given 4 unique skills, which you can use to continue fighting and even kill an enemy. Those skills are not as strong as your character's main skills, but nonetheless they give you a chance of "the last resort". If you kill your opponent being in the downed (or drowning) mode, you are automatically revived.

If you lose the last of you health while in the downed mode, you become defeated. After this you may resurrect at one of the waypoints on the map or wait until someone revives you.


Any character can revive another. It does not require any special ability - you should just come to the defeated or downed player and press the button "Revive". This process takes some time, thus help from others is useful - actions from several pleyers are added up together so the reviving process becomes faster. In addition, some professions have skills and traits, which make reviving more quickly.

Death penalty

Death penalty is divided into 2 things. First one influences the amount of health a character has after entering the downed mode. The more frequent you are downed the less health you will have each time. However, after spending a certain amount of time in normal mode, this penalty will be removed.

The second thing happens if you were defeated - in this case one of your armor pieces gets damaged. When all armor pieces are damaged, the next death will break one piece - it will no longer give you defense and bonuses. Damaged or broken armor pieces can be repaired at certain NPC by paying a small fee.


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