Till thou hast cloven about the breast of man-slaying Hector the tunic red with his blood.

Armor is divided into 3 levels: light, medium and heavy. Scholars (Elementalists and Necromancers) wear light armor, Adventurers (Rangers, Thieves and Engineers) wear medium armor and Soldiers (Warriors, Guardians and Revenants) wear heavy armor.

Armor consists of 6 pieces: headwear, shoulderwear, chestwear, handwear, legwear and footwear. Every piece of armor comes with a slot that can be used to apply an upgrade component (for example, a rune). In addition to armor, characters can wear rings, earrings and amulets. They do not increase the overall defense, but have upgrade slots (rings and earrings) and increase some of the character's attributes (amulets).

Armor defense for 80 level character

Scolars Adventurers Soldiers
Helm 73 97 121
Shoulders 73 97 121
Coat 314 338 363
Gloves 133 157 182
Leggings 194 218 242
Boots 133 157 182
Total: 920 1064 1211

Ratio Defense/Health for 80 level character

Health Defense
920 1064 1211
11645 Elementalist Thief Guardian
15922 Mesmer Ranger Engineer Revenant
19212 Necromancer   Warrior


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