Skills Combo in Guild Wars 2

They are two sides of the same coin, or, let us say, the same side of two coins.

One of the main features of the game mechanics in Guild Wars 2 is the system of skill interaction - cross-professional combinations. "Cross-professional" does not mean that only two different professions are required for a combination. Combos can be created by the same profession or even the same player. Here is how it works. Elementalist can create a burning line on the groud and Ranger begins shooting through this fire. As a result of this, those arrows will deal extra fire damage. Another example is when Thief creates a cloud of smoke and Warrior hit the ground with a hammer within this cloud, this will make nearby allies invisible.

Every combo consists of two important elements - initiator and finisher. The first elements creates a prerequisite and the second the actual combo.


Every combo begins with an area of a particular effect. Those areas are called "fields" and vary from natural types, like fire or water, to effects like light, darkness and smoke. Those fields last a small amout of time and can be used by any finisher.


Any combo is created by a finisher. There are several types of finishers; every type interacts with different fields and creates different combinations. All finishers are the types of actions, for example, a shot or a leap. Every finisher can create only one combo.


When players create a combo, they are notified what kind of combination was performed and what skills were used in its creation. Description of every skill says what types of fields and finishers it creates making the player earsier to experiment with different combos.


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