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AzureBeatSep 11, 2017 22:01:25
Weaver is applying the effect of Areomancer's Training when air is in either attunement, not just the primary attunement.
bandage dispenserSep 11, 2017 21:29:15
scourge f ability recharges are not getting modified properly

see here:
Keep up amazing work!Sep 11, 2017 21:00:09
Incorrect cooldown times on tools skills (mosly elixir tools) while traited: Alchemy (HGH) + Tools (Mechanized Deployment).

And still missing WvW utilities(food).
Siriano LambertSep 11, 2017 20:51:24

On your editor, when you click "merge with Soulbeast", it gives the +80 primary attribute adjustment whether or not you have the Beastmastery line/Pack Alpha minor trait equipped.
KevinSep 11, 2017 19:21:13
I noticed that you can only choose Sigil of Misery on PvP mode. It does not appear in WvW or PvE.
ThiaziSep 11, 2017 18:29:21
Certain traits the modify F1-F5 skills are not transferring properly when an elite specialization replaces that profession skill.

Deadeye's Mark seems to be the worst off: Serpent's Touch, Mug, Hidden Thief, Thrill of the Crime, Bountiful Theft, Sleight of Hand, and Bewildering Ambush all do not affect Deadeye's Mark.

Necromancer is another major one; as far as I can tell, every trait that affects Shroud or Shroud skills does not affect Shade skills.

Also, Elementalist Dual Attacks are benefiting from the Xmancer's Training's cooldown reductions for each attunement, when they never benefited them in game.
EmeraldSep 11, 2017 17:42:33
With the specialization of warrior (pof) the last mid trait that gives resistance, doesn't show on the skill with the boon
XinagentSep 6, 2017 22:18:50
For elementalist Arcane trait line the minor master and grandmaster traits are mixed up.
MichaelSep 4, 2017 04:29:20
On the build at this link the damage for the number 3 ability on sword is listed at 620k. I am reasonably sure that is very wrong.
ZeroSep 2, 2017 15:13:14
Warrior trait Wounding Precision should only calculate base precision
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Total Entries: 930


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