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Brendon BrowningFeb 22, 2019 00:40:45
Guardian/Firebrand Axe 2 (Symbol of Vengeance) has a symbol duration of 4 seconds, which isn't listed here.
It therefore also applies fury 5 times, which also isn't listed (only listed as applying once).
Brendon BrowningFeb 21, 2019 10:15:56
Please add Superior Rune of Fireworks. Thank you!!
Brendon BrowningFeb 21, 2019 09:44:38
The duration of retaliation given on the Guardian's Virtues trait "Retaliatory Subconscious" is 4.75 seconds. I believe it is supposed to be 3.75 seconds (that's what is listed in the game).
"Virtue of Retribution" (a minor trait in the same spec) prolongs duration of retaliation by 25%. This is automatically equipped when loading the Virtues spec in game, so there is no way to see the base duration of the retaliation boon granted by "Retaliatory Subconscious". However, it is most likely 3 seconds, and then it is automatically boosted (by "Virtue of Retribution") to 3.75 seconds.
John NelsonFeb 15, 2019 06:31:24
Update needed: Dragon's Revelry Starcake give 45 to all attributes - not 40.
Matthew RossFeb 13, 2019 16:30:15
While looking through the available weapon sigils, i noticed the "Superior Sigil of Demons" was listed under "permanent bonus" instead of "Conditions Duration".

Is this intended?
AtlanFeb 1, 2019 19:58:33
Stat Conversion Food on Ranger:
Honed Axes: only the additional 120 ferocity whils wielding an axe seem to count for conversion foods like fruitcacke, not the base 120 fero
Signet of The Wild: Does not count for Conversion Food at all
Daenerys_CeridwenJan 31, 2019 11:12:04
Aristocracy Runes should be 10 / 20 / 20% for might. Your site is listing them as 10 / 15 / 20%.

Rings and such trinkets can also have ascended Bringers, which you are missing.
Robert WallaceJan 21, 2019 21:31:11
The effect of the Revenant Devastation Trait, Notoriety, is not shown in the build editor when any number of stacks of might are selected. The condition and power damage do not change.
dJan 17, 2019 10:20:06
can you update the website for the latest skills etc.?
KabarJan 15, 2019 12:59:04
Diviner stats still not in wvw/pve tabs
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Total Entries: 1099


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