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No NameOct 4, 2018 02:05:16
the base armor for the theft is suppose to be 1000 not 2064. something is wrong. AND FIX YOUR DAMN PROTECTION CODE CRAP.
ApollyonSep 27, 2018 04:33:03
There are no Bringer's/Giftbringer's stats for trinkets even though it is possible to get those stats on the legendary backpieces, Aurora, and Raid trinkets.
SvedkaSep 23, 2018 20:56:10
Would it be possible to suggest a couple improvements? The first thing is that there is (or seems to be) some sigils missing, like damage versus various enemies. Though they don't give much improved stats overall, it would be nice to be able to show that this is what you have on a weapon. The second is that there seems to be no option to add breathers. The last thing is that there's no possibility to reduce the number of infusion slots, and they are pre-filled so you can't go lower than i.e. 12 power on the rings.
XaviorSep 23, 2018 07:17:28
Missing Rune of the Zephyr
XaviorSep 16, 2018 01:14:14
Rune of Divinity lacks the +10 percent health bonus
SadrienSep 15, 2018 09:28:14
displayed damage per tick of condi does not change with might, even though might increases your condition damage.
Alex FergusonSep 11, 2018 17:35:11
Website needs an update for the latest balance patch, specifically for all the major herald reworks.
DuallizerSep 11, 2018 12:08:31
Hello, when can we expect build editor update for the last balance patch?
ismaelSep 5, 2018 15:16:08
the Major Adept "Forceful percistence" of invocation traits of revnant still apears when it was replaced for "Rising Tide" in last patch.
Victor SunburnSep 4, 2018 15:05:46
New traits!
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Total Entries: 1064


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