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RaymondNov 7, 2018 00:46:47
Necro Build-> Death Magic bar - Deadly Strength.
Should be 14% added Power when in Shroud but it is lowered from the current added 7% when i click on the "Shroud" button
KiteNov 6, 2018 00:50:58
Would be nice if you could add "Soul Pastry" to the concentration food.
Isaac ChanOct 29, 2018 05:20:16
I am way too short for a high school male. I am about 3"11 and I don't think it's normal. Can you please recommend some healing potions for my growth deficiency.
Lewis JinOct 29, 2018 05:17:30
Im gay. send me help. im gay/ im gay
rdgsfasdfaOct 24, 2018 14:06:33
Add plague doctor stat combo
AdamOct 23, 2018 23:15:11
Engineer defense field no longer reflects missles.
Ľubomír PervanOct 16, 2018 09:14:27

I found a small detail (bug) in Build Editor on the Revenant specialization
In Devastation train line the Minor Master trait Targeted Destruction: Deal increased damage to targets with vulnerability - after the last balance patch the damage has been increased from 7% to 10%
TomOct 11, 2018 20:09:24
The ranger Wilderness Survival grandmaster trait "Empathic Bond" tooltip is incorrect for the WvW version. It states that conditions will be split between you and your pet 50/50, the correct split is 80/20 in WvW, as in PvP.
Elizabeth GarzaOct 4, 2018 19:06:23
I will set the two different weapons i want (I was working with a necro build) and it would not save the one i wasn't using i would have to reset it each time
Veres GergelyOct 4, 2018 15:08:07

The site uses the old traitlines for mesm since the last update. The GW2 API:2 uses traits so the site can pull that information from that as soon as a new update is released. It is not really a bug because thats how the system works or at least I am thinking that how the site works. It is just a friendly advice. Keep up the good work tho.

Your sincerely,

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Total Entries: 1064


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