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FortunitySep 13, 2017 07:58:35

Please add option to toggle how much sand shades is currently summoned.
This is because scourge have trait that give expertise and concentration depends on how much sand shades is summoned.

It's on the Sand Soul trait
"Gain concentration and expertise for each of your active sand shade"

On "Demonic Lore" trait, we can summon 3 sand shades and for each sand shade we should get +75 on expertise and concentration

On "Sand Savant" trait, we can only summon 1 sand shade, but it will still count as 3 sand shades, therefore should give +225 on expertise and concentration
Adam ArmstrongSep 13, 2017 07:37:51
Something is wrong with the Tools traitline for Engineers. The minor trait Mechanized Deployment should only be -15% cooldown on toolbelt skills, but it appears to be taking off more than 20%. I linked the exact build that I first noticed this in, but it appears to still be a problem if I change Holosmith to Scrapper. Didn't check every possible combination with Tools.
DaveSep 13, 2017 01:49:12
Giver's Ascended stats are not available for weapons in-game but is selectable in the build-editor.
vinhtyler.4613Sep 13, 2017 01:12:39
Condition Duration not adding up properly i.e. making a Condi Tempest build doesn't properly add up the burning duration from % modifiers and expertise.

For example:

From % Modifiers (85% total):
Burning Precision (20%)
Balthazar Runes (45%)
Smoldering Sigil (20%)

From Expertise (~15.06% or 226 Expertise total)
1 Handed Vipers (59 Exp.)
Coat Vipers (67 Exp.)
Rare Veggie Pizza (100 Exp.)

Should show up as 100% for burning duration on the side but only shows 85%. Link to build included
mmozSep 12, 2017 15:47:14
The builder doesn't consider Deadeye mark as Steal and doesn't assign the additional effect due to the choice of a tract like Sleight of hand (as an example)
TaveenaSep 12, 2017 12:03:03
The Sand Savant trait INCREASES the recharge time of Shade abilities by 33% (from a 20 second recharge to a 26 second recharge, 15 to 20) rather than reducing it, when mousing over shade abilities on the Skill tab.
ZackSep 12, 2017 00:36:32
Typo in thief boon: Malice.

Description says: "3% damage pro Stack"
Should be: "3% damage per stack."
Mycroft RetrikaethanSep 11, 2017 22:45:42
not sure if it's something that's just gonna get added on pof release or if it was missed but it seems that the cooldown reduction to tomes from the firebrand (guardian) specialization's "loremaster" doesn't affect the cooldowns of the tomes in the build planner. (though the cd reduction from valor's passives does)
WilliamSep 11, 2017 22:26:42
Scourge's Sand Savant appears to increase the displayed duration on the skills page rather than reduce by 33%.
CCLSep 11, 2017 22:21:49
Scourge's Sand Savant increases the cooldowns of its F2-5 when it should leave those unaffected.
Vital Persistence also does not affect the cooldowns of those skills when it should do so.
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Total Entries: 930


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