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_kimo_Nov 10, 2012 12:48:35
the build calculator for elementalist doesnt include the 2nd set of weapon options
JVNov 9, 2012 16:15:17
Your "hold control to see it in english" has the "Uups! you're already in english"
Uups should be spelt Oops

Hope this helps!
LeenNov 8, 2012 17:58:20

I am wondering if the critcal change is correct. When i try warior and add arms the crit chance goes up but when i selected a trait that should up my precision nothing happens with the crit chance.
Same with utility skill that ups precision nothing happens with crit chance.
ElliithNov 8, 2012 04:33:27
I love the build editor. I have only minor complaints. I do not like how the jewel slot for the accessories only has options for pvp jewels that you can not use outside the mists. Also the space for the sigils is a let down too. I would like to be able to see a more selective view of sigils and jewels.
ButonflyNov 7, 2012 05:11:06
Knights jewels list vitality as a stat when in game its toughness.
FULNov 7, 2012 03:59:09
Condition damage total is no where to be found on build page.
coliNov 5, 2012 12:25:10
when taking the trait "V - Improved Spirit Weapon Duration" in Guardian's last Tier, several skills like "Stand your Ground", "Zealots Flame", "Flashing Blade" do not show the information.

Here's the Build:;T4AA2Coouycl4K7VurkXtwYgx5j9HvPmfA

If you switch the trait V - Improved Spirit Weapon Duration for another one, everything works fine.
JustinOct 30, 2012 19:19:59
The Mesmer skill Phantasmal Warden counts as a combo finisher whirl even though the tooltip does not show it.
JustinOct 30, 2012 19:06:36
The Mesmer skill Phantasmal Berserker counts as a combo finisher whirl even though it is not listed in the tooltip.
King A R T H U ROct 29, 2012 22:23:57
I cant post this into our facebook page. It messes it up so there is no build when you click on the link.
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Total Entries: 1099


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