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Ryan GhosseinOct 23, 2012 15:33:52
The Major Trait for the Warrior "Deep Strike" is not adding the "+40 Precision" for each unused signet I have on the build.

Here is an example:

Precision should be 1216 ( 1016 + 200 from Deep Strike )
DerekOct 23, 2012 11:13:18
When first loading the build editor and selecting weapons and utility skills, tootips work correctly. However, after a few minutes, some of the tool tips stop working. For instance:

Load fresh, blank build editor, select guardian, select sword/shield for main hand and mace/focus offhand. All tooltips work correctly at this point. I then switch to trait page and select all my traits. I go back to skills page and my #2,3,4,9,0 skills are lacking tooltips. I have verified I have the most up to date chrome browser of Version 22.0.1229.94 m and I have duplicated this issue with Internet explorer as well.
FabioOct 23, 2012 02:05:25
Not can change level in build editor
WilliamOct 22, 2012 20:18:27
The level in the build editor cannot ganged
WilliamOct 22, 2012 20:18:02
The level in the build editor cannot ganged
MatthiasOct 22, 2012 14:39:55
Superior Rune of Divinity adds 10% boon duration in your build editor. Since the tooltip of the rune doesn't say so I guess it's a bug.
DavidOct 22, 2012 14:05:58
This build is not displayed correctly:;TIBAyysEYJxSllCLqaM1IqxWjrGZNrNGbcaY3wrhZDA
FrorOct 22, 2012 13:01:24
The ranger pet "white raven" has a vitality of 2061 (see This website registers it as 1374.
MichaelOct 22, 2012 12:43:07
Magnetic Grasp, despite it's description, actually applies a Combo Finisher: Leap. It does provide an effect when used through a combo field. (Tested myself with water field from a friend which provided regen, then using the Magnetic Grasp that applied the flat heal.)
CzokalapikOct 21, 2012 15:30:37
Hi, Builder is simply awesome, best atm.
But there is one thing it should have imho: when (as Warrior) I'm investing in Precise Strikes or Rending Strikes i have 33% chance on crit to apply bleeding and vulnerability, but "current effects" won't show this.

I know it's only a chance, and with condition build when player have like 9% crit chance it's only 3% chance, but nevertheless it should somehow indicate, that i can apply those conditions with given traits or sigil etc.

There is tons of such traits, like Might on crit when using greatsword with Forceful Greatsword trait (Warrior again) and i think this builder should show it somehow (maybe with semi-transparent icons or something?).

I know it would require adding lots of entries to database but don't you think it's worth considering?
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Total Entries: 1079


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