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Brad HicksNov 21, 2012 13:29:07
On the build editor, mesmers, both weapon builds are going to the left side, instead of one on each side.
ForestNov 20, 2012 23:17:38
Hi there. Thanks for making the build editor!

It's not exactly a bug, but a feature request: Do you think you could make it automatically update the URL in the browser as changes are made, so that saving a build would be as quick and simple as activating the browser's bookmark command? I lost a build once or twice because I forgot to follow the extra steps at the bottom of the page to retrieve an updated link.
SweetremorseNov 20, 2012 19:16:54
Upon completion of the Underground Facility fractal of Fractals of the Mist(FotM) instance last boss, there is a tall icicle structure in the centre of the area(near the chest that spawns after last boss is downed) which I chose to attempt to jump up to the top. However, during this period of jumping, my group including me clicked on the ready option to proceed to the next fractal which turned out to be the Aquatic Ruins fractal. After all 5 members of the party has readied up, everyone as per normal will start to slowly disappear, during this animation, i was able to glitch my way up to the top of the icicle structure. The screen went into the loading screen of FotM but I did not appear in the new fractal which was the Aquatic Ruins fractal that my other 4 party members did. I was left in the Underground Facility fractal. As a possible solution to this, we decided to all die after my 4 party members cleared a checkpoint in the new fractal. Fortunately, when the option appeared for "Retry at checkpoint", I selected it and was transported to the new fractal together with my party. Hope this helps, thanks again!
NathanielNov 19, 2012 18:01:25
In this build (;T4A5XCmkepaSxEVXmuEdZ7y1lsrFBDC2bA ) and possibly others, the F2 Virtue of Resolve has NaN as the passive regeneration rate.

My apologies if this bug report was sent multiple times, my internet connection was acting up.
NathanielNov 19, 2012 18:00:39
In this build (;T4A5XCmkepaSxEVXmuEdZ7y1lsrFBDC2bA ) and possibly others, the F2 Virtue of Resolve has NaN as the passive regeneration rate.
Discord SchismNov 18, 2012 15:36:35
Superior Rune of the Nightmare condition damage and duration doesn't effect the show damage in weapons, such as the bleed damage and duration for the Mesmer Staff 1 Attack (Winds of Chaos)
MinaorNov 17, 2012 03:30:45
Sure-Footed (3d trait of warrior defense line) makes the hover description bug.
When you choose this trait, you can't see some description anymore when browsing skills icon.
EzzekhielNov 14, 2012 16:54:56
Thief utility signet: Assassin's Signet (active): they changed it from "+150% damage on your next attack" to "+15% on your next 5 attacks". Please update :)
scottyNov 14, 2012 00:32:24
the tooltips aren't showing.
currently using windows 8
StemareNov 12, 2012 17:46:08
This is by far the best build calculator on the net.
If it had a builds database to browse and rate builds it would be the perfect tool.
Anyway, amazing job!
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Total Entries: 1100


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