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Von TigerJul 14, 2019 07:48:06
The editor is not getting the information from the weapons.
RichJun 10, 2019 04:56:06
I believe the Vigor is +0.5s off for F1 and F2 and should match F3 and F4 for the following build. I discovered this while testing the addition of one concentration infusion in place of a might infusion for the Halorifle build on Metabattle. Thank you for all the time you put into this project. It is a wonderful site and I wish you the best for your efforts.
IcentialJun 5, 2019 17:43:20
When I select Herald of Sorrow in the Scourge traitline, it is supposed to change Desert Shroud into Harbinger Shroud but when I see in the Skills panel, it is still Desert Shroud instead of Harbinger Shroud. Can you fix that please? Thank you ^^
Darren PowersJun 5, 2019 05:21:20
For the Warrior, if you take tactics the Inspiring Presence trait does not affect the total for Healing Power when the number of might stacks is adjusted from zero to any given number.
VictorMay 27, 2019 07:22:27

In this build the concentration is equal to 1125. BUT INGAME the same build says the concentration is 1121
bugMay 22, 2019 00:00:25
Missing "Bowl of Sawgill Mushroom Risotto" +150 precision.
BugMay 19, 2019 20:29:57
Rune of the Mad King (4) bonus is +20% bleeding duration.
ericMay 11, 2019 20:31:27
Traits in Dare Devil are outdated
addMay 10, 2019 14:51:02
pliz add roteition
XyononMay 4, 2019 17:33:35
Mesmer: Signet of Midnight (+180 expertice) is used for utility food calc, which it should not :)
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Total Entries: 1100


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