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AZMar 26, 2017 03:39:17
The Engineer trait Chemical Rounds in the Firearms line is unaffected by condition duration as it is added to the base duration instead. For example Pistol 4, Blowtorch, has a base duration of 5 seconds and as I reach over the condition duration cap with the Chemical Rounds trait the skill duration should show it is over 10 seconds. I also found a similar issue in the Necromancer trait Lingering Curse in the Curses line.

It would be nice to know if you have changed anything.
Many Thanks
ThatsSoSteveMar 25, 2017 04:02:35
Rune of the pack displays 20 second cooldown on 3rd bonus. In game (PvE) says 30 seconds
mngopMar 23, 2017 13:36:21
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archmagus.7249Mar 8, 2017 21:47:53
Skills do not correctly display condition duration increases with maxed out condition duration and Lingering Curse or Chemical Rounds.
LJoneMar 7, 2017 12:04:51
On the superior rune of perplexity it reads:
"+20% confusion duration; when you interrupt a foe, inflict 5 stacks of confusion for 8 seconds"

It should be:
"+20% Confusion 40px.png Confusion duration; when you use a heal skill, inflict 3 stacks of confusion in an area for 6 seconds."
ErikFeb 27, 2017 00:26:15
Dosnt show boon duration on stats
WvW on Druid
When you select the trait lingering magic on Nature magic
TomiyouFeb 26, 2017 20:08:12
Swiftness obtained from Elemental Attunement has a base duration of 8 seconds in the actual game, while it only has 6 seconds on gw2skills calculator.
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Total Entries: 854


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