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TomiyouFeb 26, 2017 20:08:12
Swiftness obtained from Elemental Attunement has a base duration of 8 seconds in the actual game, while it only has 6 seconds on gw2skills calculator.
felixFeb 24, 2017 20:54:49
Reaper's Onslaught now increases ferocity by 225 while in shroud
ThomasprFeb 24, 2017 16:45:11

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arturoFeb 24, 2017 01:44:56
missing seraph stat set from lw4
Chad EttoreFeb 20, 2017 05:16:21
Superior Rune of Perplexity is outdated and 6th bonus inflicts 3 stacks of confusion on Heal skill usage.

I know there's many things you have on the agenda, time and money willing, and am thankful this site still exists.

I've updated this rune on every wiki I could and will continue to remind every unaware player who thinks they crafted the best gimmick build.
ghost slothFeb 16, 2017 06:50:04
Hi connor, this site is great and I am many other am thankful for your work.

If you were not aware, the Feb. 8th patch added a new Seraph stat combo.
GuestFeb 15, 2017 15:03:50
In editor is mistake. The guardians perfect inscriptions trait in radiance line doesn't change healing interval from 10s to 8s of signet of courage. It improves healing by 20%. So if signet base heal is 1000 per 10s, with this trait will be 1000*1.2 = 1200 per 10s.
D'han RahlFeb 13, 2017 09:59:15
Revenant trait in Salvation called Hardened Foundation does not actually convert the 7% Healing Power to Toughness on the stats itself.
JaimeFeb 11, 2017 17:57:48
I think that the delicious rice ball is not included on the foods buffs
dhakorFeb 10, 2017 00:28:18
Defensive infussions doesn't appear to be assigned on armor, trinkets or weapons
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Total Entries: 846


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