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Vernon LeeOct 18, 2017 18:45:39
Runes of thorns equipped but the poison duration does not reflect the extended value when you hover on the trait (Panic Strike) under the trait line deadly arts. Below is the link to the build.
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icuduaaqoOct 17, 2017 22:27:26 -
RonOct 17, 2017 17:16:25
In the Armor section of the build editor page, there is no option to include the aquabreather, thus altering the final stats. Also, when I selected my ascended rings, there are three infusion slots showing available. In the game, I only have one infusion slot.
liptsiltBiomIOct 17, 2017 16:33:30
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Pay Day LoanOct 17, 2017 09:55:33
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Michael DingmanOct 15, 2017 07:19:26
expertise is not calculated in %increase of skills dmg
GaryOct 14, 2017 07:52:33
it's showing the wrong numbers, havent checked all the skills but for isntance full Zealot armor & staff etc with the exception of back item,
it's showing the wrong numbers on the skills, the Damage & healing they do that is.

I have the exact same items ingame to compare it with.

Wasn't sure if I was supposed to report this or not but would be nice if it was fixed
KymOct 14, 2017 00:00:59
Karka Potion of toughness is NOT a food item, It's Utility item, and this is the 2nd post ive sent about it, ty
MelikMorOct 13, 2017 14:28:30
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Total Entries: 971


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