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uisuDec 8, 2017 18:21:51
not really a bug, but i hope you noticed there are expertise+concentration infusions now available, and i hope you could add them as well :)
ChrisDec 4, 2017 14:09:30
Sunset Jewel stats are 20/20/10/10 in pve mode when they should be 17/17/9/9
k.könnekerNov 24, 2017 12:34:47
Build editor trait 'Awaken the Pain' does not correctly display or update/calculate the increased power and decreased Condition damage gained/lost
hirokenshinNov 23, 2017 18:33:36
In PVE mode, the giver stats can be found for armors and trinkets, but not for weapons.
Phil GregoryNov 22, 2017 10:30:33
Just a note - this editor is great - just missing the (nerfed) Celestial amulet in "PvP mode"!
Noah WagonerNov 17, 2017 18:35:47
Smash brawler on berserker is displaying the cd for 33% reduction instead of 20%
Gio PhamNov 13, 2017 21:58:13
Precision needs an update!

I built a full set for my chronotank just to realize the real Precision in game was 150 points lower than on here. So I had to swap stats for one of my armors, which is alright.

I'm theory crafting a Harrier set on here for my druid now.
When I gear check and compare with my in-game stats, everything looks exactly what it is, except for Precision. It's still 150 difference. That equals to 7.14% difference which is not much for many people. But for whom relying on Precision and/or want to proc something, it could be annoying.
Hope it get look into and get fixed. Thank you very much. Great work as always!
George KellyNov 11, 2017 01:03:28
Awaken the Pain for Necro (Spite) changes Might to be 40 power, 20 Condition with the current patch. Not reflected on the skill (still does 30/30)
LordDaedhelorNov 3, 2017 10:14:36
Howdy! Can you allow users to access class specific buffs and boons when making these builds? It would me theory craft builds tremendously.
Brad MorganNov 1, 2017 15:15:10
nevermind I was using it wrong
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Total Entries: 977


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